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Rate My deck Please


New Member
I am planning on competing in Cities in a week and would like some input

4 x Swampert - Primal Clash (diving search)
2 x Marshtomp - Primal Clash
4 x Mudkip - Primal Clash
1 x Seismitoad EX - furious fists
1 x Swirlix - phantom forces
1 x Swirlix - XY
2 x Slurpuff - phantom forces
2 x Articuno - Roaring Skies (ancient trait)
3 x Kyogre EX - Primal Clash
1 x Primal Kyogre EX - Primal Clash
1 x Primal Kyogre EX - Ancient Origins
1 x Diancie - Phantom Forces
1 x Shaymin EX - Roaring Skies

3 x Dive Ball
1 x Professor's Letter
1 x Head Ringer
1 x Escape Rope
1 x Fairy Garden
1 x Rough Seas
1 x Red Card
2 x Kyogre Spirit Link
1 x Battle Compressor
4 x Rare Candy
1 x Team Flare Grunt
2 x Lysandre
1 x Pokemon Center Lady
1 x Pokemon Fan Club
1 x AZ
1 x Archie's Ace in the Hole

8 x Water Energy - Basic
2 x Fairy Energy - Basic
2 x Wonder Energy
1 x Double Colorless Energy
Any help would be appreciated. I would also like to note that the Tournament is on Black Friday, so I do not have much time to get more cards, but I can Try/improvise