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Rate my Deck "Striking Chaos"

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Annuler, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. Annuler

    Annuler Guest

    In this it includes-Psychic,Dark,Electric,Normal

    Rockets Mewtwo Ex-Rocket Returns
    Mewtwo Delta-Holon Phantoms
    Gengar-Legend Maker
    Haunter-Legend Maker
    Gastly x4-Legend Maker
    Kaputops Delta-Holon Phantoms
    Kabuto Delta-Holon Phantoms
    Dark Raticate-Rocket Returns
    Rattata-Rocket Returns
    Rattata-Rocket Returns
    Pideot x2-FR/LG
    Pidgey-Holon Phantoms
    Dunsparce-(I don't reconize the symbol it looks like a Root'n Claw Fossil twisting)
    Scramble Energy
    R Energy x3
    Multi Energy
    Dark Metal Energy-NEEDS REPLACEMENT
    Dark Energy x4
    Warp Energy
    React Energy x2
    Psychic Energy x9
    Elec Energy x9-(got lucky and got rare design)
    Mysterious Fossil HP 50-Holon Phantoms
    Pokemon Retriver-Rockrt Returns
    Rockets Poke'Ball-Rocket Returns
    Rockets Hideout-Rocket Returns
    Holon Lake-Holon Phantoms
    Rare Candy x2-Holon Phantoms
    Potion x2
    Ancient Technical Machine [Rock]-(Again don't know symbol it's a Hectagon with dots and half a circle inside)

    I'm sure there's lots of room for improvement.
  2. Shiloh Phoenix

    Shiloh Phoenix Super Coordinator

    I'm sure you'll love starting with the worst pidgey ever printed.
  3. Annuler

    Annuler Guest

    Why,no one will help/cricasize?Man I look for help,and noone can help,what a shame.
  4. Leviathan

    Leviathan Guest

    You have too many different lines of pokemon I think. What is the strategy even for this deck?
  5. Annuler

    Annuler Guest

    I use different kinds of cards to throw off my oppenent.The stragety is to get Kabutops,Gengar,Metwo Delta out soon,if possible.Mewtwo because he can stop oppenents from using 120+ damage moves,Kabutops for damage,Gengar for damageing bench,spread 4 counters.If I get lucky and have Dark Raticate out soon,well with two Dark Energys it will damage good with spread poison and when its about to go I use Dark Seed,a gaurented 50 damage.Pidgeot to get energy or cards when I need them,Dunsparce to fill my bench with good pokemon.Scramble Energy for if I start losing,my pokemon will have 3 rainbow energy,Warp Energy to switch and give a pokemon a energy at the same time,React energy for Gengars bonuses.Pokemon Retriever to bring back a heavy hitter when needed,Rockets pokeball for Racticate,Anceint TM Rock to get rid of my oppenents High Hp pokemon to a lower form that I can defeat,with a pokemon.If I get my Mewtwo EX out,I just slaughter my oppenet until they weaken it,to low hp,then I use its deadly move Darkness Switch witch heals Mewtwo EX to full hp,and takes that amout of HP that recovered turns it into damage and hits oppenent all for 1 energy and I lose only one energy. ;150; <---Very Handy
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 28, 2006

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