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Rate my Deck

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by Johto-Master, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Johto-Master

    Johto-Master Active Member

    Deck Name: Triforce

    Ferliagtr Prime x3 (Infinite Energy? Yes please.)
    Croconaw HG/SS x3
    Totodile HG/SS x3
    Blastoise Platinum x3 ((Great Combo with Feraligatr Prime.(When battle HG/SS Unleashed come out, I will have 2 and 2))
    Wartorle SW x3 (To be replaced with HGSS Unleashed)
    Squirtle SW x3 (See above)
    Suicune SW x3
    Delibird HG/SS x3 (To draw cards quick)
    Water Energy x15
    Fisherman x3
    BeBe's Seach x4
    Prof. Elm's Training Method x3
    Roseanne's Research x4
    MooMoo Milk x4
    Broken Time-Space x2

    (Trying to get my hands on Floatzel GL Lv. X)

    I try start with Delibird to get a lot of cards. After that, I try to get Feraligatr Prime and Blastoise out. Feraligatr Prime not only provides the others with the needed energy, but can hit hard after Blastoise does a Double Launcher (if not a knock-out). Blastoise is the main attacker. Aqua Press is devastating and Double Launcher can cripple Pokémon trying to set up, earn me two easy prizes for basics, or hit a weakeded Pokémon that just retreat. Suicune can bring back the Blastoise line after it's KO'd, Fisherman to bring back the Energy, Feraligatr to Attach them, and Broken Time-Space to evolve up to Blastoise.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2010
  2. Nidoprince

    Nidoprince Well-Known Member

    Next time use the RMD sub-forum, k? :)

    I could help you more if you gave a strategy for the deck instead of just posting the list.
  3. Johto-Master

    Johto-Master Active Member

    Oh, sorry, I didnt know there was a sub-forum, and I updated the post w/ the purpose of the deck.
  4. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    Here, let me more it for you.

  5. Nidoprince

    Nidoprince Well-Known Member

    If you want to target Supporters, you should get more. To make some room, you could lower the Feraligatr line. You won't need 4 in a game if you have other Pokemon. I would try 2-2-2. Right there that's 6 cards for more Supporters and Trainers. Also, exchange the Bebe's for Pokemon Communication, Bill for TG's Mars, Buck's, Oak's, or even the upcoming Rocket's Trick. A good Supporter for this deck is Fisherman, with a few you can get away with a few energy.
  6. Johto-Master

    Johto-Master Active Member

    Well, I was thinking about taking out gyarados, magikarp, articuno, and Mom's Kindess and adding in 2 Squirtle, 2 Wartortle, and 2 Blastoise (PT), and then replacing them when the Blastoise starter deck comes out. And I'll probably lower the gatr line and add in Lumineon (MT), and then maybe take out a bill for Broken Time-Space or Dawn Stadium. (which stadium should I use?)
  7. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    rare candy maybe? an idea for a t2 hydro crunch or surf might be blastoise SW, it's just with feraligatr cards like ambipom that can kick a ton of energy cards off your feraligator and lapras and in your hand then just tgw them into your deck is something worth looking into. lapras may be an ok setup card but for me a setup card is one energy for heavy dmg or just mess things up. if your going lumineon check out lumineon sf does a good 20 dmg snipe for no energy, or does 30 for 1 energy but take's no effect's of attack's if you get a head's and if your opponent plays alot of basic pokemon meaning a 2-1-1 or a 2-1 line then you force out a card they can't use and give's lumineon an extra target to attack. I have been thinking of how to make a successful feraligatr hgss deck as well, it's just to slow for me no offense, but i think the necessary cards aren't out right now. I do like what you did with it and what your planing to do with it, good luck.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010
  8. Johto-Master

    Johto-Master Active Member

    I dont really want a lumineon, but the MT one has a really good attack with feraligatr, because i can deal as much damage as i want then just apply the enegies wherever the next turn. I did look at Blastoise SW, but I decided the one from Platinum just works better, being able to dual snipe 60 and do +10 for water energy attached to all of my pokémon, which are all water and i use all water energy, can do alot of damage, and when the Blastoise Starter Deck comes out in America (if it does) I'll probably run both, because a 100 snipe each turn is amazing, and its poke power is great incase they have ampharos prime, i can attach energies to a pokemon i no longer need, they take the damage, then i can move the enegies to my active pokemon, and they take no damage.
  9. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    what i'm trying to say is your to reliant on just your energy cards when anti-energy deck's (which i've seen a few deck's and decklist's do so with the recent set's) that could easily screw you over. maybe adding some counter's to that like nm, palmer's, fisherman, claydol (hate this card but it works in regard's of getting cards you want out faster and works as a valid electric counter), or any type of card that moves energy to your hand faster once discarded or moved to your deck. and if your running lumineon mt it's better to just use it for it's power, you might as well run your 140 tank that deals a base of 60 over your 90 with a base of 30 and a chance of losing all of your energy cards before your next turn.
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2010
  10. Johto-Master

    Johto-Master Active Member

    I understand, but atm i use Roseanne's Research for Energies, but I'll look for Fisherman. Also, the Lumieneon I'm talking about returns the energies to your hand after attacking, and I decided I am gonna take out gyarados makikarp and articuno for Blastoise (Platinum.)
  11. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    with roseanne's you could use nm, they discard a few energy cards from your pokemon or your hand (more unlimited but is also doable in modified) then you just toss 2 into your hand using the nm/roseanne's combo. most deck's nowadays like to at least have the option of messing around with your energy's to slow down heavy energy deck's like this one.

    i'm talking about the same lumineon, your opponent can still get tgw, or a similar card to tgw, off on you and just completely mess up your hand or whatever so you have next to no energy next turn. plus since it's a poke-power you can force out a donphan, switch out lumineon for a feraligator/feraligator prime power house for the kill.
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2010
  12. Johto-Master

    Johto-Master Active Member

    that combo sounds great but, what is tgw and what does it do o_O
  13. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    tgw the love able card thats used in most de-eveolution decks like omastar but make's a nice addition to anti-energy deck's (i'm being cynical, kinda don't like this card from time to time) .
  14. Johto-Master

    Johto-Master Active Member

    the effect of that does sound not-good to go against, but why doesn't it just say flip a coin? Rock-Paper-Scissors is stupid and i now it sounds crazy but someone might not know how to play that.
  15. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    well if they don't know how to play it right then thats laughable, it's not so good but if they have a chance of messing up your hand it's worth a shot especially if they've got nothing but that worth playing in there hand at the time, so it can work either way (personally i've got my friend into the grove of just flipping for it).
  16. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

    But of coarse you would get a penalty if you did that in a sanctioned event. TPCI has specifically stated that they want you to play RPS and not flip a coin with this card.
  17. ven?

    ven? Kanto Region Champ

    well... yes thats true but we just play for fun not rock paper scizor all the time, I am very aware of the rule's.
  18. Aberrant17

    Aberrant17 The cake is a lie!!!

    I'd consider Floatzel GL (and its Lv. X) and the HG/SS Starmie.

    Starmie's synergy with Feraligatr Prime rivals that of Delibirb, except Starmie uses it for offense instead of draw power. Floatzel's Poke-Body allows you to get back any of your KO'd Pokes (and all attached energies, effectively eliminating the need for Fisherman) and, combined with it's Energy Cyclone, makes a great revenge-killer. I know from personal experience how devastating Floatzel Gl Lv. X can be... (*cries* T.T) Both of these Pokemon's attacks also send energies back into the deck, making your supply infinitely more... infinite, and ensuring that your deck will never run out of cards. Floatzel GL's Incite puts discarded supporters back into your hand, too.

    I'd also consider adding Jirachi from Rising Rivals, for two reasons:
    1. Detour: You'll get more the mileage out of your supporters (especially with Floatzel GL's Incite).
    2. Final Wish: You get your pick of any card in your deck when Jirachi gets KO'd.

    One more thing: get rid of Bill. He's the most useless supporter in the HG/SS set, and he's taking up space that could easily be reserved for an Expert Belt, or almost any other card.

    Sorry for the long post. Hope it helps. ^_^

    P.S. The three Pokemon I suggested? Zero retreat cost.
  19. blaZofgold

    blaZofgold Active Member

    Ok, before anything, please post any updated changes to your deck list so we know just how well you listened to us =]

    WHAT'S BILL DOING THERE FOR? I would at LEAST consider Prof Oak's visit because it draws more cards...but BILL?

    Your deck has too many energies and not enough chance for max support by pokemon and trainers. Consider reigning in the amount of pwnege pokemon (pokemon that will be constantly used as attackers) to around 6 (so when all your good pokemon die, your opponents draws his last prize card)

    Use pokemon communicator that came out with HGSS because it is a trainer and you can use more than one each turn
    Have one more squirtle please. you'll thank me when one dies in battle

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