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Rate my Doubles Team for Battle Tree

Discussion in '7th Gen RMT' started by Nyter, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Nyter

    Nyter Island Challenger

    I feel like this team has gotten me far but never up to 100 consecutive battles. Just wondering if you would change anything on these pkmn or even substitute an entire pokemon for something else.

    First 2 lead Pokemon

    -Focus Sash
    -Jolly Nature
    -252 Speed/ 252 Sp. Atk/ 4 HP
    -IVs 31 on all except Sp. Atk.
    >Aqua Jet
    >Swords Dance
    >Psychic Fangs
    >Trick Room

    -Firium Z
    -Adamant Nature
    -252 Atk/ 252 Speed/ 4 HP
    -31 IVs for all except Sp. Atk
    >Flare Blitz
    >Extreme Speed

    Then the other 2 are:

    -Quiet Nature
    -252 HP/ 252 Sp. Atk/ 4 Def.
    -31 IVs to all except Atk and Speed/ 0 IVs with speed.
    >Energy Ball
    >Bug Buzz

    -Assault Vest
    -Sassy Nature
    -252 HP/ 252 Sp. Def/ 4 Def
    -31 IVs to all except Sp. Atk & speed/0 IVs for Speed
    >Rock Slide
    > Heavy Slam

    Okay so obviously the Arcanine Intimidate entry is a given. This will make my opponent wonder if to fight or flight. Inferno Overdrive usually KOs a foe's Pokemon. Crunch and Outrage are for coverage. Extreme Speed is for priority attacks especially due to Bruxish's Trick Room set up. For Bruxish, she uses Dazzling to stop any Pkmn from using priority attacks which she is a hypocrite because Bruxish has Aqua Jet. I can use Bruxish one of two ways... I can beef her attack with Swords Dance and then sweep with Aqua Jet and Psychic Fangs. Or I can set up Trick Room for the following 2 Pokemon. Vikavolt and Mudsdale are slow, and thanks to their typing and abilities, they are immune to attacks that attack wide-range from each other. Because of Trick Room, they usually attack first after switching in on it set up already. Vikavolt uses Discharge which does not affect Mudsdale. And Mudsdale uses earthquake which Vikavolt, due to levitate, is not affected by it. All other attacks are for coverage.

    What do you all think? Any changes needed?
  2. Archstaraptor

    Archstaraptor Team Builder / RMT

    It's an interesting mix of playstyles, this team, like the sets. Going forward, it might be worth your while considering partners that can support Vikavolt and/or Mudsdale more. Something like Intimidate Incineroar with Fake Out may be more useful in this regard than Arcanine, for instance. That way, you make this team more trick room dedicated.
    Additionally you could also consider Claydol or a telepathy mon with trick room instead of mudsdale, to restore trick room once your lead bruxish trick room runs out ( or even fails to get setup).
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  3. Sceptile Leaf Blade

    Sceptile Leaf Blade Nighttime Guardian

    Seconding what Archstaraptor says. Incineroar is likely going to be a good alternative to Arcanine. It hits a bit harder, has Fake Out to help you actually get Trick Room up, and has a bit more bulk. That said, I'm also not sure of Outrage as an offensive move in doubles. It targets randomly and locks you in, it's very unreliable.

    Claydol is an interesting pick. It is immune to both Earthquake and Discharge, and it also gets Trick Room and some other useful moves like Earth Power and Psychic. But I'd say Telepathy Oranguru is probably better. Oranguru has better bulk, a better Trick Room speed, and Instruct support. Claydol is just a tad too fast for Trick Room I feel like.
    Archstaraptor likes this.
  4. Archstaraptor

    Archstaraptor Team Builder / RMT

    If the team did become solely trick room then yes Claydol could be seen as a bit too fast. Oranguru would certainly be a good choice for a trick room team and would make a great partner for vikavolt
  5. JLK2707

    JLK2707 Well-Known Member

    Just excellent choices!:)

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