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Rate My Emerald Team! (<<Best title ever!)

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
Impish Nature

Dragon Claw
Dragon Breath (needs changing)
Ariel Ace

Absol Still working on, i need a movepool and nature.

Hardy Nature

Muddy water
Need 2 more moves

Metagross (Currently Metang though)
Bold Nature

Need a whole moveset 0.o

Impish Nature

Leaf Blade
Rock Tomb

I need to pick a 6th, I was going to pick Tyranitar, or maybe a psychic type

Also which of the 6 i choose should be by BF team?

Diaruga dude

I hate pie
no his special attack is too weak

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
A few people suggested Arcanine or Regice, but i didnt think regice can be used in the Battle Frontier, can it?

If so what do i pick, Regice or Arcanine?
Regice is allowed in Battle Frontier, as the Battle Pyramid Brain Brandon uses it and the other two Regis as well. I'd go with Arcanine probably, if you're willing to go and hunt for a grass-type Hidden Power, as this covers all of his weaknesses. And giving it Extremespeed helps a lot! Oh, and I can give you a hand with Swampert. But what surprises me is you don't have its signature move... Earthquake! Take out either Surf or Muddy Water and either give it Ice Beam or even better HP Flying. Just don't go with what everyoe says about Curse & Rest... it doesn't work at all. Since nearly everybody says to give him Leftovers, that's enough time for an opponent to sub in a Grass type and kill him. And for his final move... meh, it's your call really. I gave mine Rock Slide for the sake of dealing with Flying types a bit easier, since you can't EQ them.


Just don't go with what everyoe says about Curse & Rest... it doesn't work at all.


Cursepert and Mixpert are the best sets.

Here is Cursepert....

Ice Beam/Surf/Rock Slide

Surf doesn't have much place here. You could use it if you want to though.

Here is Mixpert...

Ice Beam
Surf/Hydro Pump (Surf is better, but Pump is used only because of Swamperts lackluster S.Atk)

I generally like this set best.

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
Hmm thanks for the tips, i am replacing Absol with Gengar and using ARcanine, also hw do you find the Hidden powers that have the types?

Shadow Tyranitar

<-Looks like ****...
cursepert should rockslide over ice beam,surf is STAB,but it screws with your plans for cursepert.

the second set needs eq.

Btw Swampert's ice beam and hp flying even out roughly the same power.

he has better atk than sp atk,but hp flying has 20 points less power than ice beam,besides no chance of second-effect(even though it is hard to freeze something),so they even out roughly the same.

Get what I'm saying?

EDIT:the types are not built in to them.it is random.once you find the type of the hp on your pokemon,it doesn't change.(each pokemon will have a different one,even if it the same pokemon,just a different one that is its look-alike)The best way is to breed up a bunch of the pokemon you want and teach them all the move(it is purchasable in slateport after you get it from the woman in fortree city.)and go out and battle wild pokemon until it says that it is super-effective.then you can narrow the type list down to the types of moves that would be super-effective against that pokemon.battle another pokemon with one of those weaknesses.If the type you thought it was doesn't say it is super-effective,take it off the list.repeat this until you have narrowed it down to only one type.that is the type of your hidden power
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Yes, but IB is considered better because it can do something to Mence, Flygon and altaria and D-Nite. Rock slide even with Curse can't touch flygon and doesnt do what IB does to the other three. Same or HP Fly, also HP fly is over 25 base points weaker than IB, because in-game it is almost never 70. Your lucky to get one with 60 power.

Shadow Tyranitar

<-Looks like ****...
thats what mixpert is for,not cursepert,cursepert with 1 physical move is stupid.If you have problems with dragons,go with mixpert.Don't mix cursepert and mixpert movesets,unless it is simply eq.............


Just no
Cursepert + Ice Beam works decently well, and after months of testing I can officially say Ice Beam is better than HP Flying and Rock Slide (I didn't test HP Flying, but I know that besides Heracross, Ludicolo and Breloom, it doesn't do much, and you should never face Swampert against a Grass type anyway). As far as I see RS is only useful for Articuno. Swampert can't switch into Dragon Dancing Salamences even with Rock Slide, because RS doesn't OHKO mence and DDed Double Edge 2HKOs Pert. Ice Beam is nice for Dragons and at the same time Swampert will still beat Curselax with Curse.
So in general, it covers both Salamence and Curselax, 2 of the greatest in game threats


Well-Known Member
Metagross is best as a physical sweeper. If your Metagross' psychic is good, it means his other attacks are much weaker than they could be.

Breeding Torkoal->Spheal->Mudkip

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
Cool Thanks for the tips ^__^

Curse can't touch flygon

So if rock slide doesnt do much to FLygon is Flygon better to have then Salamence?

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
Oh i can trade, thanks for all the tips, i really want to replace my Metagross any suggestions and a good move pool for the new pokemon?