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Rate my emerald team

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Prakhar, May 21, 2014.

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  1. Prakhar

    Prakhar Normal: The abnormal

    Hello everyone!!!!

    Can u rate me emerald team,

    ;254;Sceptile- Leaf Blade, Aerial Ace, Flash/Slam, Fury Cutter
    ;350;Milotic- Surf, Ice Beam, Recover, Hydropump/Waterfall
    :306:Aggron- Iron Tail, Rock Tomb, Earthquake, Return
    ;323;;Camerupt- Flamethrower, Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rock Smash
    ;373;Salamence- Dragon Claw, Fly, Cut, Crunch
    ;289;Slaking - Hyper Beam, Strength, Slack Off, Brick Break

    (I dont write levels as i can increase them)
    Also i feel sorry for HM slaves, so if i had to use a lotad before i got milotic, i called her my HM HELPER, i just avoid using them.
  2. shawn_o1

    shawn_o1 Well-Known Member

    Give Slaking Shadow Ball. Your Salamence isn't enough to beat Phoebe (one of her Dusclops has Ice Beam)

    If you're going to the Pokémon League and this team is below Lv 55, better buy lots of Revives and Full Restores
  3. Kpotts

    Kpotts Member

    Give slaking shadow ball and replace salamances cut with flamethrower or fire blast. Give sceptile aerial ace instead of fury cutter. Replace milotics waterfall with toxic to cover more types and give camerupt return instead of rock smash.
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