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Rate my Fighting deck please


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I'm fairly new to the Pokemon TCG. I know how to play the game, but I don't have too much of a strategy yet. That being said, here is the deck I made with the limited amount of cards I have.
(everything is by card set)

Pokemon: (20 total)
Dugtrio Lv. 50 24/127
Rising Rivals:
Machamp GL lv.64 46/111
Geodude lv.14 65/99
Lucario 19/95
Onix 57/95
Hitmonlee 52/90
Diglett 61/102 (x2)
Call of Legends:
Riolu 50/95 (x3)
Hitmontop 8/95
Phanpy 66/95 (x2)
Hitmonlee 58/95 (x2)
Lucario 14/95
Donphan 42/95 (x2)
Furious Fists:
Pancham 60/111
Supporter: (6 total)
Rising Rivals:
Bebe's search 89/111
Call of Legends:
Interviewer's Questions 79/95 (x2)
Professor Elm's Training Method 82/95
Professor Oak's New Theory 83/95 (x2)
Stadium: (2 total)
Broken Time-space 104/127
Burned Tower 71/90
Item: (12 total)
Diamond & Pearl:
Energy Search 117/130
PlusPower 112/127
Pokemon rescue 115/127
Dual Ball 72/95
Life herb 79/95 (x2)
PlusPower 80/95
Call of Legends:
Dual Ball 78/95
Research Record 84/95
Furious Fists:
Focus Sash 91/111
Phantom Forces:
Trick Coin 108/119
Primal Clash:
Escape rope 127/160
Energy: (20 total)
Electric(x6) (filler)
Colorless rescue energy 90/102 (x2)
Thank you for reading this and giving me feedback ;418;
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Kanto Region Champ
For pokemon set names matter, for your trainer cards or t/s/s they don't matter onto the decklist either forum wise or tournament wise. this decklist lacks

korrina (korrina versus roseannes in an unlimited fighting deck, korrina is far superior as in any fighting pokemon and any item card to support your play)
Draw support (uxie, claydol, N, juniper, bicycle, something for draw support)
Multiple amounts of pokemon and trainer cards (Having 4 of the same pokemon card can be tedious but it is consistent at starting out with an effective attacker turn after turn, if you want to mix it up you could put 2-3 of every kind of basic into your deck, and you don't have enough multiple copys of trainers to help push out your pokemon and energy and seems to have those slots replaced with energy and gimmicky cards that are not effective on there own as you have them).

I always feel like at this point I threw the book at someone and I want to do something positive so I'll try it another way, the thing about pokemon decks is that types don't matter unless it's per matchup so lossen up on what type of pokemon deck and try to find what combinations you can form with there attacks and abilities.
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