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Rate My Gimmick Gen 5 Tournament Team


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On another forum I frequent, we host tournaments every now and then. Usually we do one type of "tier" tournament where we battle standard/UU/Little Cup/Uber one week, and then we do a "gimmick" tournament the next week.

Currently running is the gimmick tournament. And the gimmick is Gen 5 Pokemon only, banning the ubers but allowing Excadril due to no permamnent sandstorm user being available in Unova's Pokemon.

Also banned, since this is a Wi-Fi tournament, are Gen 5 move tutors and what not.

The rules for the tournament are:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Three Pokemon only
  • Unova Dex Only
  • Excadrill allowed
  • Sleep/Evasion/OHKO/Self Destruct/Item/Species Clause
  • Flat Battle (all Pokemon at or above level 50 are auto leveled down to 50)

And I think that covers it.

I'm trying to have fun in this tournament but at the same time, I'd like to tweak stuff so I can make these Pokemon retain the gimmickness but still be viable. While the tournament's rules dictate I can't change anything for the tournament, I'd like to keep these guys around for Random Match use later on.

So to start

Ash's Snivy (female Serperior) w/ Leftovers
Jolly (+Speed, -Atk)
252 HP/252 Speed/6 DEF
- Substitute
- Attract
- Leech Seed
- Glare

This is my secret weapon and is the primary gimmick. It is also one of two Pokemon I've done an extensive breeding project for.

It is no surprise that Serperior's offensive abilities are limited without stat boosts from Coil or Calm Mind or whatnot. And in a 3v3 tournament, that type of setup isn't going to happen. So I opted for an annoying set, knowing that overall most Pokemon tend to skew to the male gender, I purposely chose a Snivy I bred that was female for this set.

I struggled for a while if I wanted to put Glare on this set or Toxic, but paralysis has really helped out my other team members and Glare is something most don't expect. Between a chance of paralysis and, more often than not, infatuation, it is very hard for my opponents to make a move and they'll get whittled down by Leech Seed.

My one concern is that I've been very disappointed in Serperior's subs not holding up. Considering I'm only fighting against Unova Pokemon, what type of Speed do I have to hit? I'd like to lower Serperior's EVs in speed and dumping it into physical DEF. But how much can I spare?

Quest (Stoutland) w/ Choice Band
252 ATK/252 Speed/6 HP
- Return
- Crunch
- Thunder Fang
- Fire Fang

Sand Rush is by the far the better ability, but there isn't a permanent sand user in this tournament. He really hasn't been the best to use, and I'm likely to look to another physical powerhouse to take his role.

That being said, Intimidate has been a great help to reduce the HP loss when Jellicent or Serperior get hit by physical moves. And he can do some Para-flinching (kind of) with Thunder/Fire Fang.

I originally had Ice Fang on here as well, but with only so many move slots and Jellicent having Ice Beam, I opted for Fire Fang instead. In hindsight, Crunch hasn't been used much and having the 3rd elemental fang might've helped.

Jellicent w/ Choice Specs
Cursed Body
252 HP/252 Sp Atk/6 Sp Def
- Hydro Pump
- Energy Ball
- Shadow Ball
- Ice Beam

Jellicent partners well with Serperior (Serperior covers electric weakness, and Jellicent covers Ice and Bug weakness, helpful in the bug invested world of Unova).

Considering how slow it is, I didn't think I'd get the best use out of Water Spout due to moving last. Scald is nice looking, but in the handful of battles I've had, Serperior paralyzes 2-3 of the opponent pretty quickly, leaving Scald's secondary affect impossible to be of use. Hydro Pump gives you the necessary power, and PP stalling isn't too much of a problem in this tournament.

Once again, I'm concerned about bulk. Jellicent is taking hits well, but I feel it could be taking them better. Would spreading the HP EVs around to DEF/Sp Def help? Or lowering the Sp ATK EVs?

I would totally ditch Energy Ball for Trick once B2W2 comes around to being tournament legal.