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Rate my IG Pokemon Black Team

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by JohnLynch, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. JohnLynch

    JohnLynch Well-Known Member

    So this is the first team I've put together since 1999-2000 when I originally defeated the Elite 4. As such I'm interested in people's feedback :)

    The only guideline for the team is that it include Emboar :)

    I haven't included items at this stage as I simply have a type-boosting item for each pokemon (except Beheeyem). I'm not the most familiar with items so would definitely be happy to hear people's suggestions.

    Jolly, Blaze
    1. Strength (for exploration)
    2. Hammer Arm
    3. Flamethrower
    4. Flare Blitz

    Hasty, Moxie
    1. Earthquake
    2. Foul Play
    3. Dragon Claw
    4. Cut (for exploration)

    Calm, Big Pecks
    1. Surf (for exploration)
    2. Fly (for exploration)
    3. Hurricane
    4. Roost

    Serious, Synchronize
    1. Recover
    2. Psychic
    3. Simple Beam
    4. Thunderbolt

    Careful, Ice Body
    1. Ice Beam
    2. Mirror Coat
    3. Blizzard
    4. Hail

    I'm not really sure what moves to give Vanilluxe.

    Quiet, Magnet Pull
    1. Flash (for exploration)
    2. Volt Switch
    3. Flash Canon
    4. Thunderbolt

    I'll start each fight with Magnezone and then Volt Switch in the ideal pokemon to throw at the enemy.

    So that's it. I'd be interested in hearing what people think :)
  2. e7ernalfroste

    e7ernalfroste Pkmn Connoisseur

    my ideas

    It all depends on what your planing to do with this team in my eyes do you plan on just beating the game? Or going into the battle subway? Or going all the way competitve?

    First off Remove the exploration moves i never have my main pokemon carry them (Except for surf and waterfall.) Get slaves for the job. I'm sure one pokemon could probably learn cut, strength and flash. And I have never rated fly as a first team move two aerial aces beats fly on very rare occasions are two turn moves useful (they are alright on a leftovers pokemon, but don't use these moves competitvly as they allow a free switch to the opponent.)

    Type boosting items are fine for a in game run through, i feel more thought has to be put into a subway team or higher category of battling.

    Now lets talk about pokemon:

    Your Jolly Emboar: Not a bad nature instead of stregnth go for something like Stone Edge,iron head, Bulk up, Head Smash or one of the punches (Thunder Punch (the one i personally would choose.), Fire Punch, Ice Punch.) It may give better coverage for your squad. Maybe get rid of flamethrower too and focus on Emboars massive attack stat.

    Krookodile- I love Krookodile (his anime cry is so epic, reminds me of Al capone or something.) I'm thinking aerial ace,stealth rock, Aqua Tail, Smackdown or stone edge, Torment (maybe), Superpower this list goes on and on chosing a move for Krookodile won't be hard at all. And outrage for dragon claw at lvl 60

    Swanna- Rarely seen i like your choice. :) Brave Bird, Ice Beam or Air Slash for fly.

    Beeheyem- Some people may disagree but i like the moveset here. (I like simple beam.) Think about putting Shadow Ball on Beeheyem for extra coverage or Hidden Power (Depends what hidden power it has. I'm feeling Dark or Fighting but i haven't given it much thought.)

    Vaniluexe- Signal Beam(maybe), Acid Armour (For a more defensive set)
    or go with this moveset.

    -Weather ball.
    -Ice Beam (I don't like blizzard personally, Guarranted hit over damage.)/ Signal beam.
    -Rain Dance.

    Magnezone- Magnet Rise is useful. You could also go with Electroball, Signal Beam, Charge Beam, Iron defense or if you give rain dance to vanilluxe Thunder for a guaranteed hit in rain. Recycle could be weird too coupled with the sitrus berry.

    This has took me a long time to write lol i have been logged out about a hundred times (Thought i lost my work at some point and was going to throw my pc out the window lol.) I hope i have given you some food for thought, I'm not the best team builder in the world (I don't do that many competetive battles, But i like doing this :).) But I hope i have helped. However in the end it all depends on what you intend to use this team for :) When you have decided your perfect movesets for your team maybe we can discuss perfect items in my personal opinion its better to work on natures, ev's and iv's and moves first then items after you are comfortable with the feel of the team. Good luck!
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2013
  3. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    You don't need Strength after you push all the boulders, so replace it with Wild Charge. Since Emboar has Jolly, try Flame Charge > Flamethrower and Brick Break > Hammer Arm.

    Calm Mind > Simple Beam on behehebeheyem.
  4. KillerDraco

    KillerDraco The Enforcer Staff Member Super Mod

    Emboar should either go fully physical or mixed. Strength can be dropped once all the boulders are pushes, which locks them in place. You'll want to drop one of your fire moves, depending on which set you go.

    Mixed Emboar
    -Brick Break/Hammer Arm
    -Wild Charge

    Physical Emboar
    -Flare Blitz
    -Wild Charge
    -Brick Break/Hammer Arm
    -Bulk Up

    Krookodile does not want Foul Play since Foul Play works off of the opponent's attack stat. That's great for things with low attack like Sableye, but since Krookodile has high attack itself, it'll get more bang for its buck by going for Crunch instead. Rock Slide/Stone Edge (depending on your preference for accuracy vs. power) offers good coverage alongside Earthquake, and the final move can generally be for additional coverage based on what you want to hit harder. Something like...

    -Rock Slide/Stone Edge
    -Aqua Tail/Superpower/Outrage

    Vanilluxe's nature is awful. It wants Modest or Timid for certain. As for moves, its offensive movepool is pretty barren, so the best (and pretty much only) offensive options it has are Ice Beam, Water Pulse, Flash Cannon, and Signal Beam. Hidden Power, if it has a decent type/power, can also be an option. While Hail might seem tempting due to Blizzard and Ice Body, none of your other Team Members appreciate being pelted by hail, or have any way of taking advantage of it.

    -Ice Beam
    -Water Pulse
    -Signal Beam
    -Flash Cannon

    Though to be perfectly honest Vanilluxe itself isn't very good due to a shallow movepool, and in general putting Ice Beam on a water type is usually preferable.

    Swanna would be better off with a Modest or Timid nature to go fully special, IMO. This is assuming you're willing to drop Fly (which isn't really needed imo, as it's only a minor convenience HM), which allows you to pick up Ice Beam (In reference to what I just said about Ice Beam on a water type). Hasty or Naive work as well if you want to keep fly, since Swanna does have the stats to go mixed.

    Simple Beam is garbage on Beheeyem, and Calm Mind would be better. Recover can be subbed out for Shadow Ball to give you more coverage, especially since in-game access to items makes Recover less necessary.

    Magnezone doesn't really need Flash, and it can be subbed for Signal Beam to hit grass types. Of course, Hidden Power Fire or Ice is a bit more helpful, but the odds aren't necessarily in your favor to get them.
  5. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    or drop Roost instead of Fly, and replace it with Ice Beam.

    Swanna doesn't really have enough bulk for Roost, and we can use potions in-game anyway.

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