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Rate my In-game Crystal Team

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I'm about to face the E4, this is my team

Typhlosion(Lv37 - Held Item:Charcoal)

Moveset: Fire Punch,Thunder Punch,Headbutt,Smokescreen

Crobat(LV. 38)

Moveset: Fly,Bite,Confuse Ray,Double Team(Should I teach it Return?)

Poliwrath(LV.36 - Held Item:Nevermeltice)

Moveset: Surf,Ice Punch,Submission,Hypnosis

Donphan(LV.37 - Held Item: Quick Claw)

Moveset: Earthquake,Strength. Rollout, Defense Curl


Moveset: Thunder Punch,Dizzy Punch, Quick Attack, Light Screen


Moveset: Psychic,Ice Punch,Shadow Ball, Flash


This team should be fine if you bring enough healing items. But if you get above level 47 I'd replace Electabuzz's thunderpunch with thunderbolt and I suppose its worth putting some berrries on the pokemon with no items. Kadabra might die easily too if its underleveled so if you have the exp share that's where I'd put it. Typhlosion might not get much use out of headbutt but in Gen II there aren't many other options so I'd go with what you've got.
Not open for further replies.