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Rate My Incomplete Firered Team


Wakka Wakka!
Howdy everyone

Ok so I don't have my awesome 6 team just yet, I only have 2 badges and Im at Vermillion City but hey, come on people help a folk out.

Anyway so this is my team so far:

Charmeleon(lvl 31) Gentle:
Scary Face
Metal Claw

Nidoking(lvl 28) Serious:
Poison Sting
Horn Attack
Double Kick

Gloom (lvl 23) Rash:
Sleep Powder
Stun Spore

Raticate(lvl 24) Careful (Raticate prob might not be in the final 6 unless u guys can convince me otherwise :D) :
Scary Face
Focus Energy
Quick Attack
Hyper Fang

Meowth (lvl 25) Brave:
Faint Attack
Pay Day

I know that most of the moves my Pokemon have are pretty craptacular but it is early so..... What do you guys think? Which Pokemon do you guys think I should get and What should I change for each of my remaining Pokemon.

Please reply thanxs guys and gals :D
You don't need a full team of six. 3-5 will do just fine and it will train up faster, plus you have room for HM slaves.

For your first three pokemon, I would go with:

-Wing Attack
-Dragon Claw
-Brick Break/Blast Burn
The last move is a filler, but Brick Break can be purchased infinitely at the Celadon mart and Blast Burn is useful if you need the extra power over Flamethrower and you're sure you can KO the enemy, so you can then switch out and avoid the recharge turn.

-Ice Beam
-Filler move (but not Brick Break this time)
Ice Beam can be useful against Lance's pokemon.

-Petal Dance/Giga Drain
-Sludge Bomb
-Sleep Powder/Stun Spore/Poisonpowder
-Sleep Powder/Stun Spore/Poisonpowder
Petal Dance is learned leveling up, and you can access the Sludge Bomb TM after defeating the first round of the Elite Four.

-Fake Out
-Shadow Ball
Use Fake Out as the first move to get extra damage done at no cost, then start using one of the other attacks. Shadow Ball will be useful against Agatha's ghosts, and Thunderbolt should be useful against Gyarados. If you decide you don't want to use him, you could also teach Thunderbolt and Shadow Ball to Nidoking instead, who could probably do more damage with them anyway, but if you want them both to be useful, this is what I would go with.


Wakka Wakka!
Thanx Yo Shee, your foresight really helps and its much appreciated

Hmmmm Charizard with Dragon Claw, that doesn't sound too bad, especially against Lance lol. I prob go Brick Break, it will be good against Rock type

I dunno about Nidoking with Ice Beam I don't think its Sp Atk is that good hhmmmm can Nidoking learn Dragon Claw

Yep, I reckon Vileplume should get Petal Dance too. Its reckless but it should help. I dunno about Sludge Bomb though, due to it's low Atk (if it's low that is)

I didn't know Persian can learn Fake Out well look at that lol yeah Shadow Ball will be really awesome, especially against the Ghost and Psychic types lol but I might leave Thunderbolt for an Electric type (maybe a Magnetmite/Magneton) and Ice Beam for a Water type.

Thanx again for your help Yo Shee :D
There are pokemon that can learn both Thunderbolt and Ice Beam such as Lapras and Clefable. But if you want to use a Magneton and a separate water type, that works too.

Also, Dragon Claw is a special attack, and Nidoking's sp.attack stat isn't much worse than it attack stat, so special attacks are still viable options. I would teach it to Charizard anyway though because his special attack stat is much higher than Nidoking's.

For Vileplume's Sludge Bomb, it's not a big deal anyway since you can't get it until after you've beaten the first round of the Elite Four, but its attack stat isn't bad.


If unwilling to teach Nidoking, get the Lapras. Good Sp.Attack stat, and adds more coverage to your team.

~Ice Beam
~Hydro Pump/Surf
~Toxic/Shock Wave/Thunderbolt/Rest

Or a Starmie:

~Ice Beam

Both are great pokemon to have on your team. Starmie you'd have to trade for, but the Lapras is free. You get it at Sliph Co.


Wakka Wakka!
@ Yo Shee: yeah I should've realised that Dragon Claw is a special attack, hmm may as well give Ice Beam a try you never know.

Don't get me wrong Sludge Bomb is an awesome move, I just thought it wouldn't be that good with Vileplume's attack power. Im considering Petal Dance, Toxic to replace Poisonpowder, Sleep Powder and another move that Im sure about, any ideas?

@Pokemazter3001: Thanx 4 your opinion, it really helps. Yeah, a Lapras doesn't sound too bad err just a question but does it know Ice Beam via level up?