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Rate my leaf green team

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by mikeparty1, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. mikeparty1

    mikeparty1 Member

    So far I've beat the first three gyms. I'm training my vulpix until it learns flamethrower so I can beat Erica. Krabby is kind of temporary. I think I'd like to replace him with a Dewgong, Seadra, or Lapras. I was using Sandlash for my ground type, but I like Cubone better due to better defense and movepool. What do you think I should change up? I've been thinking of replacing Nidoqueen with Snorlax or something else because I already have poison and ground types in my party.

    Bud (Ivysaur) Level 36
    Sweet Scent (for safari zone)
    Poison Powder
    Leech Seed
    Razor Leaf

    Mainly use poison powder and leech seed to wear them down. Will replace poison powder with growth at level 38.

    Duchess (Nidoqueen) Level 31
    Body Slam
    Double Kick

    My bulky pokemon. Good at wrecking pretty much everything and taking hits with counter.

    Foxfire (Vulpix) Level 27
    Confuse Ray
    Imprison (probably should have kept quick attack instead)

    I use will-o-wisp and confuse ray a lot and then wear them down or switch pokemon.

    Numbskull (Cubone) Level 21
    Focus Energy
    Bone Club

    Use him to beat down pokemon that are burned and leech seeded.

    Boogyman (Hypno) Level 32
    Dream Eater

    Mainly eats dreams and kidnaps children.

    Mr. Crabs (Krabby) Level 20

    Don't really use at all.

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