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Rate my Magic the Gathering Spirit deck

Discussion in 'Rate My Deck' started by vulpaNINETALES, Apr 5, 2013.

  1. vulpaNINETALES

    vulpaNINETALES Furry in disguise

    Ok it is short cards so it's not 60 cards but I do make it work against my friends. Its purpose is to kinda be unblockable. It has the following cards;


    Liliana's Shade x2
    Stormbound Geist x1
    Tormented Soul x2
    Voiceless Spirit x2
    Niblis of the Breath x1
    Slum Reaper x1
    Drogskol Captain x1
    Soul Seizer x1
    Blistergrub x1
    Chapel Geist x1
    Wildwood Geist x1
    Niblis of the Mist x1
    Fettergeist x1
    Moon Heron x1
    Battleground Geist x1
    Gallows Warden x1
    Drifting Shade x1

    Plains x8
    Island x8
    Swamp x8
    Selesnya Guildgate x1

    Enchantments and Instants:
    Ghostly Possession x1
    Spectral Prison x1
    Feeling of Dread x1
    Midnight Haunting x1
    Nevermore x1
    Ray of Revelation x1

    Please help me make it better and suggest any cards to put in and take out.
  2. Kamotz

    Kamotz God of Monsters

    For it to be a legal constructed deck it needs to be 60 cards...I think you're at 51. So that needs to change. You're also not telling us a format, which determines the cards available for use in the deck. I'm going to assume it's just purely casual and restricted by a bit of a budget?

    I'd try just making it 2 colors instead of 4. Because that'd be insanely hard on your mana base. You could probably go White/Blue/Black if you just limited the amount of Black cards you needed.

    I wouldn't play green. Just for Wildwood? not worth it.

    In terms of deckbuilding, the first thing I'd do is play 4x Drogskol Captain. That's really what makes a deck like this work. Then you play 4x Midnight Haunting and 4x Lingering Souls. Those 3 cards will make your deck a real threat because of the kinds of threats it can put out. You can supplement it with cards like Intangible Virtue and Favorable Winds to make your tokens and spirits more powerful. Most of your other spirits are just kind of...underwhelming. They're over-costed and not very strong.

    Your spells are kinda...meh. Feeling of Dread is good, but you should probably have more of them. ~2 in the deck. Then there's good removal like Oblivion Ring, Go for the Throat, Doom Blade, Murder. And utility spells like Dimir Charm, Orzhov Charm, and Azorius Charm. You also have counterspells like Mana Leak and Dissipate.

    You should diversify your lands with some Guildgates, Shocklands, or Taplands. On a budget you'd probably want to stick with Guildgates: Dimir Guildgate, Orzhov Guildgate, and Azorius Guildgate. You can also use the land Moorland Haunt to continually get spirits once your creatures die. And Vault of the Archangel is good with a lot of creatures too.
  3. vulpaNINETALES

    vulpaNINETALES Furry in disguise

    Thank you I will look into getting some of those cards.

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