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Rate my new team


Look over there!
This team is more thought out than the last and I hope works out.

Bastiodon *Relaxed Leftovers
252 HP/ 228 Def/ 28 SpD
Metal Burst
Stealth Rock

First I use Stealth Rock then Taunt so if my opponent switches out of Taunt they are Stealth Rocked. After using Taunt, Metal burst will hit for sure.

Primeape*Adamant Choice Scarf
Vital Spirit
44 HP/ 252 AtK/ 212 Spe
Close Combat
Ice Punch

Ice Punch gets rid of dragon dance Altaria, who fails to outrun Primeape.

Claydol*Bold Leftovers
252 HP/ 144 Def/ 144 SpA
Rapid Spin

With Claydol I can switch him in to take down fighting types that interfeere with Bastiodon. When Claydol switches in Rhyperior is put in his tracks as he tries to bomb Electrode or Bastiodon.

Electrode*Hasty Life Orb
120 AtK/ 252 SpA/ 136 Spe
Hidden Power Grass
Light Screen

Electrode can support Bastiodon from Bulky Waters and Explode when nessecary. Light Screen will support the rest of my team.

Sceptile*Timid Leftovers
56 HP/ 200 Def/ 252 Spe
Leech Seed
Grass Knot
Hidden Power

He substitutes so the opponent wiil switch then I Leech Seed the new pokemon. Hidden Power can help with Skarmory and Forretress.

Kingdra*Naughty Mystic Water
Swift swim
252 Atk/ 168 SpA/ 88 Spe
Rain Dance
Draco Meteor

With these EVs Kingra can outrun Scarfed Garchomp with Rain Dance

If anybody Bastiodon is my lead.

Thank You for reading.


Well-Known Member
uhh, i havent battled online yet, but imo u should change close combat on primeape to like, brick break. that way it doesnt lower your defence but it still is powerful


general user
i think you should give kingdra ice beam>draco
punishment is meh, and stick to close combat since he will be a revenge killer
i find that 252/252 set on subseeder works better. Im not good with threats but I think the team looks good.


i hAVe A n05e
Can I just ask what metagame you are using this for? Your comments seem to contradict themselves.


Phoenix Lord
Your Kingdra set could use a bit of work. try this:

Kingdra @ Choice Scarf
Nature: + SP ATK, - ATK (Modest) or +SPEED, - ATK
EVs: 252 SPEED, 252 SP ATK, 4 HP
- Draco Meteor
- Ice Beam
- Surf
- Hidden Power (element of your choice)

This way your Kingdra hits fast and hard and can switch out after a couple of decent hits. This moveset will outspeed most unscarfed Pokes. Using Rain Dance for just one Pokemon in ur team is a waste of time and your kingdra will probably sustain heavy damage while setting up for it. Plus, having two attacks of the same type on one Pokemon is unnecessary - just stick with one to give urself better type coverage. hope this helps.