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Rate my Poison team please.

Even though Poison pokemon are not my prefered type I want to make a kick but team with them, but so far I've been stuck and need some help. Here's what I got so far.

Venusaure ;003; (Grass/Poison) @ (open)
Special Sweeper (Overgrow)

Slug Bomb (Poison)
Worry Seed (Grass)
Grass Knot (Grass)

I imported him from my FR at lvl. 37

Crobat ;169; (Poison/Flying) @ (open)
Physical Sweeper (Inner Focus)

Toxic (Poison)
Fly (Flying)
Mean Look (Normal)
Payback (Dark)

Drapion ;452; (Poison/Dark) @ (open)
Physical Sweeper (Battle Armor/Sniper)

Cross Poison (Poison)
Crunch (Dark)
Earthquake (Ground)
Iron Tail (Steel)

Toxicroak ;454; (Poison/Fighting) @ (open)
Physical Sweeper (Dry Skin/Anticipation)

Revenge (Fight)
Rain Dance (Water)
Protect (Normal)
Focus Blast (Fight)

Tentacreul ;073; (Water/Poison) @ (open)
Special Sweeper (Liquid Ooze/Clear Body)

Surf (Water)
Slug Bomb (Poison)
Swagger (Normal)
Ice Beam (Ice)

Gengar ;094; (Ghost/Poison) @ (open)
Special Sweeper (Levitate)

Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Thunder (Electric)
Energy Ball (Grass)
Psychic (Psychic)

Anyway thats what I have so far any help or comments would be helpful.
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