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Rate my Pokemon animations

  • Thread starter Factory Head Noland
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Factory Head Noland

I used to make a few Pokemon animations but they were crap then I stopped but today I downloaded the Advanced Battle intro and thought I'd start again because I really like seeing them finished, what do you think?



They're different sizes because I was experimenting with which size was best, I think the 20% (Team Rocket) one is a better size.

Out of 10 what do you give them?

If anyone wants an animation from the Advanced Battle theme then I don't mind doing it for you...


i think the second one with pikachu looks really good, and you could use it as an avatar for a forum or something


Zephyr Trainer
WOW! i really love the pikachu one!!!! its so cool... ill give it 10/10

i really want to request but... i dont watch pokemon... :( i cant request then...
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LOL that is SO funny! It's hard to find anything funny like THAT! And the flowing is good. Either that's the way it was made, or it's just my computer.



The're good, almost great, but mabye a little more work. The pikachu one is Fantastic! Yet the team rocket has a little space for improvement.

Oh, I can sure talk, can't I.

keep up the good work!

Factory Head Noland

I have many more that I've made:









I may do a few more tonight...


Zephyr Trainer
hey noland can you make the part when cacnea gets made and shoots everything and meowth is like STOP? its from the 6th movie the pikachu short movie called gotta dance?


cherry BLOSSOM.
Very nice. I'd love to see some more of May when she sends out her Pokemon in the Battle Frontier season.

Factory Head Noland

New animations that I've made:







So...what do you think?

Miss Kanna

Hakudoshi Addicted
These are very nice animations =D I especially like the Greta one(she is my fav BF Brain^-^)I look forward to more ^__^

Factory Head Noland

Shampoo said:
These are very nice animations =D I especially like the Greta one(she is my fav BF Brain^-^)I look forward to more ^__^

Thanks ^^

An old animation I made a while ago (just found it):


Two I made t'other day:




you amaze me.
Would I be able to use the Tucker one in my sig please?? and those animations are very good!


I'm Back? YAY!
Can I use the Mysterious dungeon ones?Credit will be given..of course!

Factory Head Noland

Yeah, you can use them just give me credit please.

~Battle Frontier~

<-- Wolf Whistle
Those are cool! How did you make them???