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Rate my Pokemon animations

  • Thread starter Factory Head Noland
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I was wondering if u could make me one with Clair the Gymleader? if so thanks

Optical Flash

Scramble Master

Hmm... I was wondering how exactly you can consider that your "making them" when all your really doing is just taking clips and editing them so they are just a few seconds...

Yes they are "good" but it isnt exactly creating them. Techinally... this would be an example of "creating" an animation as can be seen in my Photobucket. http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b335/Optical_Flash/NyghtLastForm.gif (note: It runs much better if its on your own comp. I made that one a long time ago so the coding was slightly off hence why it's slightly skippy.)

However they are decent in terms of how smooth your able to make them run, grats. Well most of them anyway,lol.

\\O.F Out//


Adam and the Ants
WOW these are good, I love the Celebi one and come back!


I would give the Pikachu animation 9/10 its great then team rocket 6/10 not that great

Evil Genius

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Well-Known Member
Gr8 animations found them today

Hope you make some more as they are amazing