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rate my Pokemon black 2 team.

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by scomaru, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. scomaru

    scomaru Well-Known Member

    I have used only Emboar and Simisage. This team is pre elite four. i haven't used Lopunny, Swanna, Zoroark, and Zebstrika. Pleases rate this team for moveset and tell me your opinion about this team.

    flare blitz
    wild charge
    Stone edge

    Thunder punch
    Drain punch or Jump kick
    Ice Punch

    Brave bird
    Ice beam
    Air slash
    aqua ring

    Zoroark (Planning on using the one received in Driftveil
    Dark pulse
    flame thrower
    Nasty plot
    focus blast

    wild charge
    Signal beam/flame charge
    volt switch

    Adamant or brave
    Shadow claw
    rock slide
    Seed bomb
  2. RiRiGaGaLover

    RiRiGaGaLover Well-Known Member

    For Zebstrika, get rid of one of the electric attacks (Volt Switch), and replace with Signal Beam if you really want that. Replace Flame Charge with Overheat.
  3. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Drain Punch or Jump Kick won't really matter for Lopunny, so just pick one. I personally prefer Jump Kick. Also, Return over Dig (seriously, no STAB move?)

    Surf/Scald over either Air Slash or Aqua Ring on Swanna. Other option would be Return over either Air Slash or Brave Bird.

    For Zoroark, it has Hasty Nature, decent Attack stat, and 30 IV in all stats, which includes its Attack. I suggest making it Mixed, with Low Sweep over Focus Blast.

    For Simisage, definitely go with Adamant Nature, and Acrobatics/Brick Break over Dig.

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