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Rate my Random Matchup team

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I always do single and I always use the same team. They never fail me.

Moves: leaf blade, aerial ace, drain punch, swords dance
This guy is always the starting dude. Its good to take down Zoroarks, Tyranitars, Politoads (for making it drizzle), and a lot more pokemon. It also is a sweeper if I get to use swords dance.

moves: Surf, Draco meteor, flamethrower, dark pulse
I trained this guy to be a special attacker than physical. This guy is perfect.

Moves: earthquake, thunderbolt, dragon dance, outrage
This girl is fast and almost no dragon can outspeed her. It takes down a lot of pokemon with its mixed types moves.

So this is my team. If they have an Ice type pokemon my Gallade will kill it. I need help with which items I should give them. Any advice?


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read the rules before your thread gets locked


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You need to post natures and EVs.
Read Rules or you'll get locked up.
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