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Rate my Revised HG In-Game Team

Discussion in '4th Gen RMT' started by CMHennigan, Jan 18, 2013.

  1. CMHennigan

    CMHennigan Well-Known Member

    Been spending a lot of time messing around with breeding and the battle tower, swapping this poke for that poke, and i think i've finally settled on my team for the endgame, which really just leaves beating Red and r@ping the E4.. let me know what you think. This isn't set in stone yet, but i'm almost done.

    Jolly- 252 atk, 252 speed, 4 hp
    -Leaf Blade
    -Dig (soon to be EQ if possible)
    -Aerial Ace
    Great attack and Defense, decent speed, great movepool, and hits hard with STAB leaf blade. An all around cool poke.

    Starmie@Choice Specs
    Modest - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 speed, 4hp
    -Ice Beam
    Classic sweeper starmie, great coverage, quick and hits hard.

    Weavile@Life Orb
    Jolly - 252 Atk, 252 speed, 4 hp
    -Night Slash
    -Ice Punch
    -Brick Break
    -Aerial Ace
    Sweeper weavile, nice coverage, hits dragons and great coverage with attacks. glass cannon, but with life orb, he normally OHKOs and only takes 10% damage, which is cool with me.

    Ampharos@Wise Glasses
    Modest - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 4hp
    -Power Gem
    -Signal Beam
    -would like to get focus blast, but if not, I'm unsure what to put here.
    Needed an electric poke, and another special attacker, so Ampy fit the bill. Decent coverage with attacks, and alot of potential.

    Lucario@Life Orb
    Modest - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 4Hp
    -Aura Sphere
    -Water Pulse
    -Dark Pulse
    -Dragon Pulse
    Awesome pokemon, one of my favorites, and I like the special sweeper version personally. Aura Sphere is STAB with great damage and a guaranteed hit, Dragon pulse for.. well dragons in case weavile can't handle it, with Dark Pulse and Water Pulse for coverage.

    Infernape@Muscle Band
    Jolly - 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4Hp
    -Blaze Kick
    -Close Combat
    -Stone Edge/Rock Slide
    -Thunder Punch
    Classic Fire/Fighting sweeper here. I prefer blaze kick for no recoil, and CC for stab, T-Punch and SE/RS for coverage.

    Now that's the Team I have in mind, and I'm almost done with. Just have to sort out Lucario's EVs, then Raise Ampharos (already EV'd), and then breed/raise infernape. However, I have a few other Pokes I've been using and considering, which I'll list next, and they can be switched in/rated also.

    Serious (may rebreed, but this one has great IVs and already trained) 252 Sp.def, 252 Hp 4Atk
    -Gyro Ball
    -Stone Edge
    -Ice Fang/Earthquake

    Flygon@Life Orb
    Timid - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Spd, 4Hp
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Heat Wave
    -Giga Drain/Draco Meteor

    or Jolly - 252 atk 252 spd 4 hp
    -Draco Meteor
    -Thunder Punch
    -Fire Punch

    Magnet Pull
    Modest - 252 Sp.Atk, 252 Hp, 4 Sp.def
    -Magnet Rise
    -Flash Cannon

    Also thinking about raising a Kingdra
    Kingdra@Life orb
    Swift Swim
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Pulse
    -Ice Beam/Rain Dance

    I may have more but I'm not near my DS at the moment. Looking forward to suggestions.
  2. Ditto B1tch

    Ditto B1tch Well-Known Member

    Leafeon can't cover all its weaknesses and can't cover some of them properly. Aerial Ace and Dig can deal with bug and fire, but they're not as powerful as other moves. Anyways, this Leafeon can be good at faint some enemies. You should prefer a status boost berry instead Leftovers as Leafeon got no way to raise its Attack and Special Attack (unless you teach Growth).

    As you described, classic special sweeper. You should try Expert Bell instead Choice Specs, or a stat upper for its STAB moves (Mystic Water or Twistedspoon).

    I never liked Weavile very much. It cannot learn very powerful moves. Notice that most of them are 80 power base or lower than that, which isn't usefull in competitive play.

    Focus Blast is a good move, except for its accuracy. I think you should teach Thunder Wave instead, Ampharos is very slow for an electric type Pokemon and paralysis on foe opponent will put it in a good advantage.

    Replace Water Pulse with Psychic and Dark Pulse with Shadow Ball. Psychic covers you weakness to fighting types and SB is good against psychic and ghost foes.

    Replace Blaze Kick with Flare Blitz. Rock Slide is more accurate than Stone Edge, but weaker. Thunderpunch isn't so good if you don't boost its power, then I suggest teaching Swords Dance isntead to benefit Infernape's STAB moves.

    Good for a Steelix, but it is weak to fire and water in the meantime, and I don't consider that very good if you notice that most of the teams have fire and water moves in their Pokemons.

    Nice movesets. I prefer the Timid one.

    4x weak to ground, but you have Magnet Rise. The nature is the best it can have. Nice moveset.

    Kingdra kicks "butt"! Dragon Dance is useless as it only runs special moves, replace it Ice Beam or Rain Dance, then.
  3. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    I'm actually going to take the time to rate this Team.

    Right away, I see a Magikarp weakness

    I'm almost positive Leafeon dosen't get Earthquake, so use Swords Dance instead of that to boost your Attack. X-Scissor is an option over either Return or Aerial Ace aswell.

    Ampharos can defintely use Thunder Wave if you cannot get Focus Blast. It's really slow so I suggest changing the EV Spread to 252 Hp / 4 Def / 252 SpA.

    Calm Mind > Water Pulse on Lucario, the coverage isn't needed. Shadow Ball is an alternative to Dark Pulse, hitting Toxicroak and allowing for Unresisted coverage.
  4. CMHennigan

    CMHennigan Well-Known Member

    I'll reply to this when i get off work today, had a busy weekend. Thanks for the input guys.
  5. CMHennigan

    CMHennigan Well-Known Member

    As far as Leafeon, it's in game, so a berry itsn't very practical, though i may use one for Red, and swap return for swords dance. Infernape, i prefer blaze kick as there's no recoil. I'll probably swap water pulse for calm mind, but i'll have to test it out and see. I know that aura sphere is stronger than a super effective water pulse thanks to stab, but it just depends. Also, i forgot to post i also have a larvitar i'm raising.

    Adamant - 252 Atk, not sure where to go with the rest.
    -Rock Slide
    -Dragon Dance/Aerial Ace/Shadow Claw
  6. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    Just use 252 Hp/ 252 Atk / 4 Spe for the EV's ; you'll then have extra bulk to DD more. Other than that, Fire Punch or Ice Punch could be an option.
  7. CMHennigan

    CMHennigan Well-Known Member

    hmmm..... 252 hp over balancing defenses? doesn't t'tar already have pretty good hp?
  8. Aura Sensei™

    Aura Sensei™ User Title

    It's Defenses are 100 / 110 / 100, so it dosen't really matter but Hp is the simplest.
  9. CMHennigan

    CMHennigan Well-Known Member

    Got ya, sounds easy enough. HP it is. ill be on that this next weekend. got a busy week.. yay for having a personal trainer.

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