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Rate My Shield Team (that hardly ever changes)!


*insert funny title here*
You read the title, lets do this! Moves won't be included, since that would be a lot to type already.

Cinderace (Gmax):
Level: 100
Item: King's Rock
Ability: Blaze

(Shiny) Raichu:
Level: 73
Ability: Lightning Rod

Level: 96
Item: Magnet
Ability: Strong Jaw

Level: 33
Ability: Unaware
This is a Cosmog from the DLC. I'm planning to train it so it can be a powerful Lunala one day!5

(Galarian) Articuno:
Level: 70
Ability: Competitive
Also from the DLC, I only recently got this one.

Rate my team! I don't play competitive, and it's mostly friendly or link battles that I play online.


Blasting off at the speed of light!
That shiny Raichu is niceeee! Overall a cool team, and there's definitely some good ones to show off to friends.
I'd give it a 7,5/10, mostly because it's a team of 5 instead of 6 and I would love to see that little Cosmog become a terrifying Lunala. Did you manage to do that already?

In conclusion: a cool team with room to grow and become awesome.