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Rate my team (It is my main for battle and training other pokemon)

Alexander Dusk Lycanroc

Trainer determined to protect friends
My team is

Cinderace (Usually G-Maxed) (Blaze) (Max lv)
Pyro ball
double kick
quick attack
zen headbutt

Urshifu (Single strike)
Darkest lariet (Idk how to spell it)
Signiture attack (I forgot name)
Rock smash
Aerial ace

(Moveset when you catch it)
Hyper beam as well

Shiny Piloswine
Take down
Ice crash
(No ancient power:( )
rock smash

Calyrex (Ghost rider)

Astral barrage
Grass terrain

(Training) Rockruff (Male) (Not dusk)
(Training it so I barely use it)