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Rate my team (Original, no?)

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by BlackScizor126, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. Scizor, Gentle, Male, LV70
    Steel Wing
    Double Team

    Charizard, Calm, Male, LV72
    Aerial Ace
    Dragon Claw
    Focus Punch

    Blastoise, Hasty, Male, LV71
    Hydro Cannon
    Rain Dance

    Venusaur, Naughty, Female, LV70
    Sunny Day
    Sludge Bomb
    Giga Drain

    Dragonite, Modest, Male, LV71
    Ice Beam
    Wing Attack

    Jirachi, Modest, LV73
    Doom Desire

    any recommendations would be nice
  2. Carpetted!

    Carpetted! Guest

    Even a newb like me knows this team is bad. 4/10
  3. okay, maybe I should've said more. when I two-on-two, Blastoise goes with Dragonite, Charizard goes with Venusaur, and Scizor with Jirachi. Would that make it seem better? also one question- can the Move Tutor teach Hydro Cannon if you forget it?
  4. Carpetted!

    Carpetted! Guest

    Blastoise+Dragonite = Boltbeam Weak
    Charizard+Venasaur = Boltbeam Weak
    Scizor+Jirachi = Fire weak
    Hydro Cannon is BAD
  5. PUrEHearT

    PUrEHearT Hyper Coordinator

    i dont care if this is a team for 2 vs 2.. it still sucks

    if you dont like my suggestions, which are standard if you want to win any battles, then screw you
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2005
  6. Brute Root

    Brute Root I'm a Christian

    Here are my suggestions:

    Iron Defence
    Swords Dance
    Silver Wind

    Aerial Ace

    Blastoise: As said by pure heart
    Ice Beam
    Mirror Coat/Counter

    Sleep Powder
    Solarbeam (why does everyone think Solarbeam is so bad? is it b/c it takes a turn to charge?)

    Dragon Claw

    Cosmic Power
    Calm Mind

    Does this help at all? I know my suggestions may not be the best in the world but I think they are ok.
  7. Carpetted!

    Carpetted! Guest

    Those are worse than my rates.
  8. PUrEHearT

    PUrEHearT Hyper Coordinator

    no offense but Brute Root stop rating... you are hurting poor newbs
  9. Solarbeam isn't bad, but on Venusaur it is. Know why? Because it doesn't get Chlorophyll. That's the entire point of a SunnyBeamer, power and Speed Boost. That's why Exeggutor uses Solarbeam. It can get faster while also instantly dishing out massive damage with Solarbeam. Venusaur, though, is too slow, meaning that it can be beaten or incapacitated before it can even use the attack. None of the Grass Starters are meant to use Solarbeam, but a lot of other Grass Types can.

    The 8th Champion
  10. Brute Root

    Brute Root I'm a Christian

    How? Im just trying to help? How is that hurting ppl? And plus, some ppl take offense when you call them "newbs" so let's lighten up on the name calling shall we?
  11. Brute Root

    Brute Root I'm a Christian

    So does that mean even with sleep powder, Venusaur or any other grass starter should know it? sleep powder may not always work but it can give you the time for Solarbeam to charge up....right?
  12. Carpetted!

    Carpetted! Guest

    Er, no. You'd only be able to get 1, maybe 2 solarbeams in, if you are charging, you can't switch out, and vena is too slow to solarbeam.
  13. Brute Root

    Brute Root I'm a Christian

    oh i see...thank you.
  14. PUrEHearT

    PUrEHearT Hyper Coordinator

    n00b= people who just act gay

    solarbeam doesnt work on venusaur... why cant you get that?
  15. Brute Root

    Brute Root I'm a Christian

    It's not that i dont get it, i understand and fully comprehend what ya'll are saying, but i just think Solarbeam is one of those moves that goes good with Venusuar. As is Charizard and Flamethrower......are we spamming?


    its ingame basically any moves set is good but eggzecutor-(spelling) s the best sunnybeamer
  17. Flamethrower is indeed good on Charizard. It gets STAB, runs off a good Sp. Attack, and doesn't need a turn to power up. Solarbeam Venusaur, though....No, you'd be better off with Magical Leaf, Razor Leaf, or HP Grass. Venusaur charging is a free invite for the foe to switch into something Grass Resistant, like Moltres or Parsect(lol using Parasect).

    Yes, we are SPAMing I think, but really, what RMT Thread stays on topic?

    The 8th Champion
  18. SapphireL

    SapphireL Lydia

    *ahem* okay. let's get it together people.

    -Swords Dance/Agility
    -Silver Wind
    -Baton Pass

    pass a Speed/Attack boost with a Sub to the other team members.
  19. Brute Root

    Brute Root I'm a Christian

    Post in my team rate thingy and tell me what you think would be a good movestet for Venusaur.
  20. chaos952

    chaos952 NSFW


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