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Rate My Team! OU 4th gen

Discussion in 'Older Gen RMT' started by Gabrielmuri, Dec 6, 2012.

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  1. Gabrielmuri

    Gabrielmuri New Member

    Hey guys, I'm kinda new to the metagaming stuff, so I want some opinion on the team I'm building right now.

    Skarmory leftovers
    Impish, keen eye
    252 HP 252 def 4 Sp.D
    drill peck
    stealth rock

    classic skarmory lead. Set up stealth rocks and then whirlwind for some starting damage and to piss off my oponnent. Roost to heal and drill peck to lay some extra damage on switching pokemon.

    Vaporeon leftovers
    calm, water absorb
    252 hp 252 def 4 SpD
    ice beam

    This Vaporeon in meant to be an all-around wall who can safely pass on wish. With protect, it can also heal itself. Surf is a powerful move with STAB and great coverage, and ice beam is just to keep those annoyng dragons away.

    Forretress leftovers
    impish, sturdy
    252hp 4 def 252 SpD
    toxic spikes
    rapid spin

    The Forretress is the spiker/toxic spiker/rapid spinner. It can be switched in early in the game to set up its entry hazards and can also be switched in late to clear the path for the sweepers with Rapid Spin.

    The goal for these 3 pokemon is to weaken the opposing team, set up entry hazards and badly poisons, so the sweepers can come in and finish it off.

    Physycal Sweeper:

    Gyarados Life orb
    Jolly, intimidate
    252 att 4 def 252 speed
    Dragon Dance
    stone edge

    This Gyarados is meant to do what it was born to: destroy. After 2 dragon dances, there is no one that can outspeed him, and it will crush everything that its already weakened. Waterfall is a reliable STAB move, stone edge deals with flying-electric types (zapdos) and earthquake counters any other electric pokemon that kicks in.

    Special Sweeper:

    gengar life orb
    timid, levitate
    4 def, 252 SpA, 252 Speed
    shadow ball
    focus blast

    Gengar does what Gyarados cannot: deals with porygon2, water types and any ghost type that is still alive. AND it explodes after its hit. pretty simple

    I'm not sure about my last pokemon but as a last resort, Breloom fits the role quite fine

    Breloom toxic orb
    adamant, poison heal
    12 hp 252 att 244 speed
    focus punch
    seed bomb

    As a late game sweeper, Breloom's role it to strike mindlessly until everyone is down. Substitute is to prevent any 1HKO, and spore is to attack without fear. Focus Punch strikes heavily, and seed bomb deals damage to everything that it's immune or resistant to fighting.

    As this is my first team, I'd really appreciate any comments and suggestions that you guys might have. Thank you for reading! http://www.serebiiforums.com/images/smilies2/004.gif
  2. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Ok I'm going to go through each Pokemon individually
    I'm new to rating competitively so apologise for any mishaps.
    That skarmory seems like a good lead the one thing which I would change is give it shed shell instead of leftovers just in case the other person has a magazone which would cause a lot of problems right of the bat, but its preference.

    That vaporeon seems alright although I mainly use it to baton pass some defences with acid armour but a wish passer is just as good.

    With forretress you do not need spikes as skarmory already lays down an entry hazard teach it stealth rock instead if you want another entry hazard, mainly because it hits flyers and levitate pokemon.

    The gyarados seems great, just two things which I would change is replace the item with the berry which reduces damage from electric moves, I cannot remember the name as they all have weird names but that could come in handy, also have an adamant nature instead of jolly for the extra power because he is already naturally speedy.

    I don't usually use gengar but the one problem is explosion as that's a physical move on a special attack pokemon which means lower damage perhaps replace it with energy ball

    And breloom looks classy, although you could teach it stone edge to take down flyers which could stall it.
  3. Gabrielmuri

    Gabrielmuri New Member

    Hey, thanks for the tips! I am still not sure about the item that Skarmory should hold, but since it does not carry Brave Bird, then I think I'll give it a shed shell. And thanks for the tips on Gengar and Breloom, too.
    But I don't get what you said about forretress. Skarmory sets the stealth rocks, should I have another pokemon with SR for backup? And about Gyarados, his main goal is to have high attack and speed, and for that I kinda need the life orb, because I don't like to stay locked into an attack by using a choice band. I don't really need it to be bulky, I just need it to be fast and strong.
  4. Rosez66

    Rosez66 Ace trainer

    Oh sorry I must've misread I was in a rush. Sorry I thought skarmory had the spikes and not stealth rock. But on gyarados give the electric power reducing berry that is what I always give my one and it comes in handy as it can actually survive one hit which could mean the difference between a sweep and faint. Also I would get rid of stone edge for bounce for the STAB bonus.
  5. Gabrielmuri

    Gabrielmuri New Member

    Thanks for the tips again. I guess you're right, after all DD is enough power up for a gyarados, right?
    What can I use to replace Gengar as a special sweeper?
  6. Gamefreak

    Gamefreak Well-Known Member

    Please expand on all your descriptions a little bit, especially Gengar's. Otherwise I will lock and infract.
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