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Rate my team (Please?) and need a sixth member.

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by xYachu, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    I am putting a new team together, trying the styles. Looking which one I like to use. I just can never figure out what items to give my pokémon. I really suck at that... End up with things like mystic water, miracle seeds and such .-. Also, I think their moves reallllly suck xP Please help me ~ I'm desperated Dx

    Ability : Overgrow
    Nature : Jolly 4 Hp/ 252 Speed / 252 Attack

    - Rockslide
    - Slam (Still thinking to replace this with sword dance. Should I?)
    - Earthquake
    - Leaf Blade

    Ability : Pressure
    Nature : Quiet 252 Hp/ 255 Special attack / 3 def

    - Hypnosis
    - Dream eater
    - Shadow ball
    - Pain split

    Ability : Marvel scale
    Nature : Calm 252 SpA/ 252 SpDef/ 4 Hp

    - Toxic
    - Surf
    - Ice beam
    - Recover (back up for toxic)

    @Life Orb
    Ability :
    Nature : Jolly 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4Hp

    - Giga impact
    - Dragon rush/claw
    - Earthquake
    - Stone edge

    Ability : Intimidate
    Nature : Jolly 252 Atk/ 252 Spd/ 4 def

    - Extremespeed
    - Flareblitz
    - Morning Sun
    - And I was thinking Sunny day and give it a heat rock. Not sure though :c

    Also I have no idea what my sixth party member should be. I was thinking about getting a ice type, but seeing that milotic is in my team I don't really need one do I? So my nezt choice was flying type, so I was thinking about using a skarmory. Is that actually a good idea? I was also thinking about adding a zangoose <.< ~

    Help would be much appreciated :3
  2. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    Is this 4th Gen or 5th Gen? Spiritomb doesn't exist yet.

    Sceptile: Swords Dance over Slam

    Spiritomb @ Leftovers :: Calm
    252 HP, 252 Spdef, 4 Def

    ~Will'o Wisp
    ~Dark Pulse
    ~Shadow Sneak/Sucker Punch


    Spiritomb @ Wiseglasses :: Modest
    252 HP, 252 SpAtt, 4 Spdef

    ~Sleep Talk
    ~Calm Mind/Shadow Ball
    ~Dark Pulse

    Milotic: I have that exact same set and it does wonders (for gen III atleast; Gen IV has the addition of physical grass/electric attacks which isn't nice for Milotic)
    252 HP, 128 SpAtt, 128 Def

    Garchomp: Jolly is pretty good too; Fire Fang over Giga Impact.

    Arcanine: Jolly is good here too; Final move, give it Toxic to kill Physical walls, or Iron Head or Thunder Fang.

    You can get Alakazam for final, or get a tank like Dusclops or Porygon2 (with eviolite, else Dusknoir for Gen IV) if you decide not to make Spiritomb your tank (I wouldn't; lack of reliable recovery). Glaceon has good defense for a Special Attacker, while Gallade has good Sp.Def. for a Physical attacker.
  3. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    Thanks :)! it's 4th gen, but planning to transfer them to 5th gen.

    I actually tries to breed a modest spiritomb, but after breesing around 100 eggs I gave up, they take too long to hatch so I lost my patient Dx. Quiet was my second choice.

    Again thanks so much for answering >w<!!
  4. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    If you can catch a Modest Ditto, then give it an Everstone and it should pass down nature 50% of the time to child.
  5. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    Oh! I will try to do that, thanks again :3!
  6. xXCobalionXx

    xXCobalionXx Cobalion. Yeah.

    Alright, so this is my favorite :3
    It seems you have no big staller. Might I recommend Hippowdon? I have one and it does WONDERS. Put it at the front.
    Hippowdon @ Rocky Helmet
    Nature: Careful (+Sp. Def. -Sp. Atk.)
    Ability: Sand Stream
    252 HP/130 Defense/128 Sp. D.
    Stealth Rock
    Slack off
    (It's not an attack) Yawn
    Basically, it goes really well with a Tyranitar in Double battles:
    @Choice Band
    Nature: Adamant (+atk -Sp. Atk.)
    252 Atk./252 HP/6 Def.
    Stone edge
    Sure, the Choice Band only allows one move right? But that's the point. You only need pursuit, maybe on some occasions you would use Earthquake. The first time I used this, I was pretty skeptical, but it actually worked out! Hippowdon chases them off with Yawn! Choice Band does the rest, increasing physical damage of the attacks by a huge 50%.
    Decision: Should it go to sleep and take long-term damage or take serious damage from pursuit in one turn?
    If you want Tyranitar in single battles, replace Band with Scarf.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2013
  7. Latch

    Latch Funky Fresh

    Milotic - switch Surf w/ Hydro Pump. As a 6th member I suggest (others may disagree) a strict wall to take hits, maybe?
  8. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    Yeah I almost always have a strict wall on my team. Porygon2 with eviolite is the best, with recover and toxic or thunder wave.
  9. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    I wanted my sixth member be gallade :3. My lil bro didn't want me to touch his porygon2.... which nature suirs gallade best?
  10. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    Adamant if you're making it a physical sweeper; Careful if you're making it a special wall.
  11. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    Would Jolly also be good?
  12. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    Sure; if it's in-game then 80 base Speed isn't bad for a physical sweeper. You could go high speed instead and Swords Dance setup. It's better than low speed and high attack with agility.
  13. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    I see o.o

    are these stats then ok? 252 Atk/ 252 spd/ and I was thinking to put last ones in hp... Or should it better be SpD?
    I thaught it
    Pscho cut
    Leaf blade
    Close combat
    Night slash
  14. Wolfram74

    Wolfram74 Shiny Feebas

    Put the last one into HP.. Swords Dance over Leaf Blade or Night Slash..... I had to make this difficult decision back with my Gallade too haha

    Leaf Blade might fight your team more, but for competitive battling then go with Night Slash. Night Slash makes quick work of Sp. Attackers like Alakazam, Gardevoir, Latios, etc. since they will be going against you with special attacks.
  15. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    I see .o. Thanks again :D!

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