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Rate my team please!

Discussion in '5th Gen In-Game RMT' started by Zeerock, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Zeerock

    Zeerock New Member

    Hello, i'm fairly new here, i played a ton of pokemon back in the day and i'm just getting into it. All my friends and I are making our own little pokemon league and i want to win haha, there is a dumb rule about the team "no legendarys! (even if they are not Ubers)"... which is dumb, so that is the only guideline i have to follow, that is why i have Exactadrill! My team may need a lot of tweaks because i'm unfamiliar with all the new movies, and i literally do not know more than 10 5th gen pokemon haha. My team is a Sand storm team based around wearing the opponents down and then eventually bring out my sweepers (which is what every team is these days haha) so lets get started.
    Stealth rock
    Fire Blast
    Ice Beam

    Brave bird (my current skarmory has Brave Bird, but idk if taunt may be a better chose)

    Toxic Spikes
    Spikes (idk if having 2 Spikes is good, if not i can easily have him learn explosion)
    Rapid Spin
    Gyro Ball (same goes for 2 Gyro Balls)

    Leech Seed
    Power Whip
    Gyro Ball

    (not sure if this is the best setup for him, i like the idea of substitute, but idk if it would really work)
    Thunder Bolt
    Hidden Power Fire
    Charge Beam/ Flash Cannon (i really don't know which would be better)

    Sword Dance
    Earth Quake
    Rock Slide
    Shadow Claw

    Thanks for reading and i hope for your ratings :)

  2. azeem40

    azeem40 Pokemon is fun!

    Suggestions in bold.

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