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Rate my team please!


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Here Im going to post my pokemon white 1 team!

1. Samurott: ITEM: Mystic water
Moves: Surf,Razor Shell, Megahorn, Revenge(waiting to be replaced)
2. Vanillish, ITEM: nevermeltice
Moves: Ice Beam, Mirror shot,Acid Armor, Frost breath(to be replaced)
3.Unfezant, ITEM: scope lens
Moves: Air slash (want to replace it), Razor wind,Fly, Detect(should I keep detect?)
4. Leavanny, ITEM: miricle seed
MOVES: Leaf Blade,X scissor, Posison Jab,Razor leaf
5. Krookodile, ITEM: Black Glasses
Moves: Crunch, Assurance,Shadow claw,Bulldoze
6.Darmanitan: ITEM: Currently has not item, any help?
MOVES: Fire Punch, Dig, Flare Blitz,Hammer arm
P.S I haven't gone to the Elite four yet so I have limited choices of TMS and items. Thankyou.