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Rate my team so far

Discussion in '3rd Gen RMT' started by Diyesy, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Diyesy

    Diyesy Member

    I need help with my battle frontier team, I have two Pokemon that I worked really hard to get, all are level 100.*

    nature: Lonely
    Ivs: all are 31*
    Evs: 252 HP,252 atk, 6 spe

    HP: 404
    Atk: 403
    Def: 230
    Sp atk: 226
    Sp def: 236
    Spe: 159

    Dragon dance
    Rock slide
    Aerial ace.

    nature: sassy
    Ivs: 31 all
    Evs: 252 HP, 252 sp def, 6 def

    HP: 714
    Atk: 56
    Def: 57
    Sp atk: 186
    sp def: 405
    Spe: 131

    Soft boil
    Seismic toss

    Really need a third Pokemon or if any if mine don't suit then please say and give suggestions. In patient so I can take the time to raise new Pokemon if need be and I also own fire red, leaf green, ruby and sapphire so getting the Pokemon is easy. Thanks
  2. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    Is blissey supposed to be a supporter? I'd put either toxic or thunder wave instead of ice beam if that's the case.

    Since you got two big tanks maybe you want one with speed?

    Maybe salamence or Heracross... One of these.

    Nature : Jolly/Adamant 252 Atk/252spd/6hp
    Ability : Intimidate

    - Earthquake
    - Rock slide
    - Dragon dance
    - Aerial Ace

    Nature : Admant/Jolly 252Atk/Speed 6Hp
    Ability : Guts

    - Earthquake
    - Brick break
    - Megahorn
    - Rock slide
    Maybe you could also take a special sweeper with speed.

    Nature : Timed
    Ability : Intimidate

    - Sunny Day
    - Morning sun
    - Solarbeam
    - Flamethrower /Fire Blast

    Hope this helped. I totally forgot which teams I used for the battle frontier....

    Btw... I think that Houdooms are easier to get in 3rd gen aren't they? Maybe as special attacker you could also take houdoom.
  3. Diyesy

    Diyesy Member

    Yeah thanks, but if I have two tanks and tyranitar is also a physical sweeper, so maybe a special speed sweep? How would mewtwo or gengar.

    Id take alakazam but I don't like its move pool
  4. xYachu

    xYachu Spicy Tuna!

    I don't think Mewtwo would b allowed since it's a legendary... Gengar would be a nice choice.

    I think this would do for Gengar

    Nature : Timed 252 SpA/252spd/ 6Hp
    Ability : Levitate

    - Shadow Ball
    - Hypnosis
    - Dream Eater
    - Giga drain

    If you are being able to use Mewtwo then this might do.

    Ability : Pressure
    Nature : Timed

    - Flamethrower/Calm mind
    - Thunder/Thunderbolt(For better accuracy)
    - Shadow Ball
    - Pshychic

    There is no aura sphere in gen 3 right?

    If you want just a special sweeper maybe you could take gardevoir if you don't like alakazam.

    Nature : Modest (252SpA/SpD/6Hp)
    Ability : Synchronise

    - Pshychic
    - Calm mind/Dream eater
    - Thunderbolt/Hypnosis
    - Shadow Ball

    Another one could be Espeon.

    Nature : Timed (252SpA/spd/6Hp)
    Ability : Magic Bounce/Synchronise

    - Shadow Ball(Ghost weakness)
    - Pshychic(Stab)
    - Calm mind/Morning sun(Boost your SpA or Heal)
    - Signal beam (Covers dark weakness)

    Hope it helps ^ ^

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