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rate my team (yea im not creative)


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Hey im new to these forums, this is my first post actually, but im not new to pokemon. This team is not for super online competitions, but more for battling against friends, some know all the EV IV battle role stuff, others dont. Anyway, here is my team.

Drapion@ Kings Rock
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Sniper
EVs: 252 atk, 252 spd, 6hp
Swords Dance
Fire Fang
Bite (for flinching)/ Crunch
Ice fang/ thunder fang/ Poison fang/ cross poison (not so sure here)

Originally gonna be an annoyer, but I found he had some ok sweeping potential. One of my two possible leads.

Kingdra @ Lum berry
Nature: Modest
Ability: swift swim
EVs: 126hp, 128 def, 128 sp atk, 128 spcd (probly not the greatest set up)
Dragon Pulse
Ice Beam
rain dance

Resilient, all round special sweeper. Lum berry for annoyers. My other possible lead.

Bronzong @leftovers
Nature: Bashful (not ideal, but I got tired of catching them. He has good IVs)
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252 hp, 128 def, 128 spc D
Iron defense
Calm mind
Flash cannon/ psychic

Standard tank here. Not sure which offense move he should have though.

Nature: timid
Ability: synchronize
EVs: 252 spc atk, 252 spd, 6 def
Shadow ball
Calm mind

Alakazam lost type coverage from the loss of punches, and espeon never had it to begin with. A more offensive special sweeper than my kingdra. I really like to have a multiple sweepers on my teams.

Machamp @ shell bell?
Nature: Impish
Ability: Guts
EVs: 128 Hp, 128 atk, 128 Spc D
Thunder Punch
Bulk Up

Machamp doesnt have the speed to be a good sweeper, but payback and revenge take advantage of that. Again, a more resilient offensive guy where drapion is my speedier one.

Swampert@ ?
Nature: careful/adamant/ impish (in order of idealness)
Ability: torrent
EVS: 252Hp, 128 def, 128 spc d (I'd like more attack; please advise)
Stealth Rock

No real explanation needed.

Well thats my team. Rate away, and thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
Swampert @ Leftovers
Relaxed Nature
252 HP / 216 Def / 42 Sp.Atk
- Hydro Pump
- Ice Beam
- Earthquake
- Stealth Rock


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hm, I dont really see how that swampert set is really effective. ground and ice cover everything water does and then some. Also, It would require me to put EVs into special attack, which isnt really something I wanna do since his attack is quite high. Also, the lack of special defense EVs is concerning with his 4x grass weakness and the prevailance of energy ball and grass knot. Also, with my luck, i'll never get any hydro pumps to hit. Also, whats the point of stealth rock if there isnt any incentive for the opponent to switch?


Well-Known Member
In a battle, there is always switching. It's a good set, trust me.

btw, you just switch to something that resists Grass when you think something will use Grass Knot/Energy Ball on your Swampert.


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hm true, its been a while since i battled against anyone who knew what they were doing. I'll consider the swampert set. Anyway, how about the other pokes. I'm wondering about the effectiveness of gardevoir and kingdra. Also I'd like to clear up drapion's moveset.

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<God of All Creation
What about toxic spikes for drapion? Ive seen a lot of people do that


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I was originally gonna use toxic spikes, but I decided not to. Instead, I made swampert with stealth rock and toxic to fill that roll. I'm not sure how effective it will be though.

EDIT: Bronzong is now gonna have this set:

*attack move*

Swampert no longer needs toxic, so I might replace it with Curse or go with Raikou's set
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the q

Guts pokemon will eat you alive if you use toxic spikes, even one of your friends that doesn't know what they're doing could have a Guts Heracross.