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Rate The Avatar Above You. (Rule update. 01.09.14)

YAY! Another rating game. This time, you'll be rating the avatar of whoever posted before you.

First poster's avatar: Some cute girl
Second poster's response: 9/10. She is cute!

Well....thats how it works.
Let the game begin!

~Regards, -Dark-Knight-

Rules (Updated 01.09.2014):
- All standard Sppf rules apply here.
- Deal with critisism. don't lash out on others because they did not like your avatar.
- Don't always have 'no comment' or the similar. This goes for repetitive use of the same reason for a rate as well.
- Don't spam. It gets incredibly boring if the same 2-3 users post for 5 pages.
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Fire and Ice Combo
Infernape 10/10 I should have picked him as my starter T_T

Shadow Eeveelution

DracLord Dread
7/10 Not a fan of rainbow bird


Well-Known Member
10/10 lol....


Guess who's back
10/10 I love Armaldo's pose! It makes me wanna draw it. :)

Starlight Aurate

Just a fallen star
6/10 the big head and tiny arms make it look very awkward.


First avy..no touchy

Just a sprite...it's okay.


Guess who's back
7/10 Pretty cool pika, I like the yellow/blue colour scheme too.