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Rate the Pokémon Nickname above you!

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Donw with CIPHET!
7/10. Nice mythological reference. But it's Erebus, isn't it?

"This Week" the Castform
(whenever its ability gets activated, it will say "This Week's Forecast")


Back in Black....2

Misunderstood the Darkrai.


Who's dar man
3/10 not really very espeon me thinks

a toxicroak called tyler the c (saw a guy on po using it, for those who arent sure its a ofwgkta reference)


The cake is a LIE
2/10 I dont get it

GearsOfWar the Klink(Yes,it does fit without spaces)


C'est une fleur.
8/10, that's pretty sweet. xD
It fits, too... obviously...he's a gear...but also he battles, i.e. partakes in war :D
Well done my friend. ^^

Ok so mine is...
Cerise the Shuckle.
Cerise means cherry in French. I named her that because...
1. Shuckle keep berries in their shell to turn them into juice, and a cherry is what the cheri berry is based on.
2. She has a red shell like a cherry.
3. She's round like a cherry.
4. It sounded cute. xD


The cake is a LIE
8/10 good and cool

PuppyLove the Stoutland


The cake is a LIE
6/10 okay

MrBearBear the Cubchoo


The cake is a LIE
5/10 dont get it

DreamHippo the Musharna


The cake is a LIE
10/10 EPIC

Seeder the Bulbasaur(It is a reference from Book 2 of the "Hunger Games" series)
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