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Rate the Profile Picture above you. PROFILE VIEWS +1.


Lol it's okay.
Eh its okay
Your creepy.

FTW,its a enchinda not a hedgehog in other words you love my profile pic.I win.
5/10 Meh, I don't really like the sonic games.

Beaten: 7/10 It's cool.
5/10 woah! i never said enchidnas were never creepy. i win.
Yes,but you never said they were creepy therefore I win.
Now thats creepy.


Fail Meister
But not accepting it may mean denying it, therefore proving that i did think of it as creepy albeit in a morbid, grotesque way. You still win. *sigh*
um...7/10...ive never thought of that, and i like it...but i dont want to know whats going on beyond the frame O_O

edit: oke, im lying. of course i do XP


mai husbando
8/10 Not bad at all! Its a tad small though, I wish it was bigger.

And don't be sick!!!!!!! I just liked the picture! Jezz.....sick people....XP


Active Member
6/10. I like the picture quite a bit but the quality sucks.

Edit: Changed my profile pic. Just made it.