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Rate the Quote


I Crush Everything
4/10. Might be funnier if that quote made sense figuratively, which it doesn't seem to.

Rabbit: It’s your honey or your life!
Pooh: Hmmmm….
- From Piglet’s Big Movie


Ghost-Type Master
8/10 - Of course he'd consider it. lol

"Um, excuse me, Mr. Cow. Where... in the hell are you going?"
- Lavell Crawford, Comedy Shaq

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
6/10 Without context I don’t get it....

Orel: Coach, you like my dad the way my mom likes my dad, don’t you?
Coach Stopframe: Your mom likes your dad?
~Moral Orel- Honor


I Crush Everything
7/10. Classic sitcom gag.

“Behold the field where I grow the Fs I give, Hades. Look at it, and ye shall see that it is barren.” – Zeus in a Mythology Guy skit


Not a foolish wiseman, nor a wise fool
7/10 I feel like that could work both ways.

'Looks like that was the end of the line' Bucky Barnes (after killing the creature that once was Steve Rogers. ) - what if


I Crush Everything
3/10. Very plain one-liner.

“This is not a bird, it’s Jurassic Park in yoga pants. With a thigh gap. Y’all could never.” – Hood Nature