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Rate the sig above you

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Hm, I would know since I made it. :rolleyes:
5 again.
Dispare. I can read that. :/ but yeah, cool banner, nice stuffs, just a bit too small for my liking, but I do like it. ^_^

~fuzzy out~

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
7/10 Nice banners, though Im not a fan of the Manaphy line.

The Dandy Highwayman

Yes, I am male!
The banners are really well made:

Oh! Next Poster please don't say: Pfft! it's only text!

shooting star

Leaving SPPF! G'bye!
7/10, the pic could do with some shading.

You could also add some pics or quotes made by other persons.
Not open for further replies.