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Rate The Signature Above You

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And now "pupu" free!

Yeah, I wanted to restart this back in September, but had a change of heart. So I'm doing it today. The game is pretty simple. You just rate the signature above you (hence the title LOL) usually using the rating system of #/10 followed up by a comment. And you better read this part or I will hunt you down!

01. BE RESPECTFUL! Don't just say the signature sucks. Offer some sort of advice instead of a petty insult. And of course this applies to respecting the members, moderators, etc. Any insults may result in infractions, nausea, vomiting, and bans.

02. If someone doesn't like your signature, don't retaliate by attacking the other person. That's called making a big deal out of nothing. That's just one person's opinion and not worth getting mad about. Plus, I'll infract you!

03. Saying "No comment" is fine (in moderation). Just don't say it all the time! It does get repetitive. Say more than that.

04. This isn't a getaway for a two-page conversation. Small talk is fine, but use the personal messaging or visitor messaging system. Or you can contact them through instant messaging, through whatever messenger you two may use.

05. Don't keep posting after someone else posts. In other words, don't post after every other post. Even though your signature is pretty, or you may think it is, nobody wants to keep rating your signature, nor do they want their signature rated by the same person endlessly.

I shall add more if you people force me to do so.
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4/10 again

EDIT: Beat. It's a bit scary, imo )8 but as a sig, it's pretty good

The banner is amazing, and overall it's organized and placed very nicely



Not a problem good people. I was meaning to do it one of these days. But it seems that there isn't as much stupidity or flame attacks nowadays. And that's always a good thing. Makes my job a lot easier and I'm not as cranky.


Because Kirby is a cutie!

EDIT: 7/10 Not bad!
Just a random gif. And really awful text :x


EDIT: stop beating me you ]:< 8/10 again


I don't like the bottom text. e_e

edit: beat.
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8.5/10 againnnnnn
Not open for further replies.