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Rate The Signature Above You

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Mew of Thunder
10/10 very creative and it must have taken a long time to put together in the editor
2/10 Next time you think about updating your sig, give it some STYLE
EDIT: Drake your sig is Ok i give it a 9/10


Well-Known Member
3/10 Banner's not that great and the links aren't hidden...the whole signature doesn't have a good feel to it.

Beat twice, darn it. Anyway, the drawings are cool, but the text is default...7/10


Follow my lead!
What's wrong with being Biritsh - I happen to be British D<
ya well I can just imagine this guy saying "Hello Clarice" any second now. >_<


Still Dirrty
It looks great. I love how smooth the colors look; it's extremely eye-catching.

(My fish ate. Except for the last one. :< )
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