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Rate The Signature Above You

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I like it :) The colors really match the picture.


Only Mostly Dead
6.3/10 - I like the vibrant colors on the banner, but the text on it isn't very clear. The text underneath the banner could match it better as well.


Guess who's back
8/10 Wow I really like that banner! But you should match the text underneath with the same red text in the banner or the blue from the sky. :)

Mimori Kiryu

Well-Known Member

Love it~
8/10 Funny random thought of the week and everything else is great! But lots of people here (including me) are under 10. A bit inapropriate.


i'm gay
And I have the skill to kick your ****,
To many stars if I know what your trying to spell, and the stars in general, aren't really fit for a person under ten, either. :/ All she has is a Squirtle with a gun a quote and a Character for the game or RPG section. 5/10 for it's plain.


i'm gay
9.5/10 Random center in the top left corner throws off the sig... I might reguest in your shop... ^^

Flame of Madness

I didn't do it!
Haha yeah but I can't eraseeee IT for some reason =[

8/10, It's become a bit.. pixely? I don't know how to put it haha.

And I'll be looking forward to it =] It's new right now so nobody knows about it xD

It was meant for Zelby.

7/10 , it's just.. okay. And the text isn't really visible.
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