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Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

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9/10, I really like the rain effect, as cheap as it can look. Very nice regardless.
5/10 it looks nice thoh I have n idea who they are XD
And I'm planning on getting a new banner and user bar


le quant-à-soi
It looks as if Spinda has just been slapped on to a background with no attempt to integrate it into the background or anything. Text below is unnecessary people on SPPf have a habit of acting 'grown up' haha and you spelt 'fourth' wrong :p 4
It's not my favorite 4.7/10


Sleepy Pyromaniac :3
I like the vibrant colours, and I'm liking the badges [I'm guessing they're from a fake region of yours?]. It's nice in it's simplicity~


J.J. Swatt
5/10 I like the black dog with the smeargle tail but the text of the banner could be better. Also random uneccessary stuff

I earned the badges from the OSL (Official Serebii League) it's a competitive battling league here on serebii.


Really cool banner and cool badges, I don't really see what you need to improve. Only thing is I don't really like the side of the banner, with the words.


"I need a mustache."
crystalzapdos, I rate yours a 9/10. It's very shiny. ^^

Oh, and Qymaen, I know that you're not on here, but I rate yours an 8/10. The link isn't just a "[link] <-- looky here, it's my created region," it's a, "*insert epic picture* Aha! click here to explore a new world filled with adventure, epicness, and mystery!"
(*shot because of clicheness*)
However, it's slightly... empty. No offence, of course, but it's just... that.
I still do enjoy it!
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2. Very very boring all it is is words
Not open for further replies.