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Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

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Plat. Frontier

Epic Mustache
Same as before. 2.
Not the best 4.7/10
Can someone other then plat.frontier rate me plz?


Only Mostly Dead
4/10 - I like the art on the banner, but the effects are pretty messy looking and the font really doesn't suit the mood.


No more massacres.
I like your banners "clean" look 9/10.

I tried to do a vector style sig, but I sort of failed (also, I know that the links (which are actually separate images) are sort of uneven -____-)


Metroid Hunter
@Audino hunter: I like the banner is nice but simple but still needs a more of a wow factor. I still like it though good job. Im still tring to fix mine as well.
@Skiyomi: I love your signature is diffrent. It has a nice touch to it.
@Latios Lover: Its stands out and feels really personal that fits your name. Well done, its very orignal. Congrats...The only thing you need to do though is fix up the blur. It seems kinda blurry other wise its great.
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Only Mostly Dead
3/10 - I like the background on the top banner, but the images and text on both the banners look quite pixelly. I'm not a fan of the picture frame borders either.
8/10. I really like it, but the text inside the banner shouldnt be brown as it blends in too much with the backround.


not bad
Meh. I dun get it. 5/10


le quant-à-soi
It lacks focus. The first userbar has a spelling error (unless I'm not getting the 'miniosns' joke) but the second userbar is better. Those licky things are, imo, quite disturbing. Default text + more animation + links + weird Spheal thing = mega lack of focus. 1.3


Only Mostly Dead
@ Azulart: 7/10 - The animation effects look really cool--I especially like the shooting start--but probably due to the fact that it's a .gif there are some color quality issues.

@ SatanJr: 9/10 - I love the green shades.


Shiny Hunter


trying hard to like it, but i just can't. Sorry.

I don't like the Uber Anime style and it's just.. not having the effect you wanted it to be i think.

@Nothren lights


Nice i like it, but its a little Babyish sphere in my view :p
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