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Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

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Swag Nation™
8/10 just because it made me laugh lol


Only Mostly Dead
6/10 - I like avatar sig layouts. The avatars here look a little plain, but alright. I honestly think the flame effect on the text looks rather cheesy though. I admit to being out of the loop on The Hunger Games phenomenon.


Metallic Wonder
It is cute, but when I saw it was Ash's hand, I wanted to chop it off


Write on
8/10. I loved that episode so much! I like how you added nice effects around the high-five to emphasize the theme. Admittedly I'm not a PearlShipper and I would like some more effects on the kind-of-plain right side, but otherwise great job. You actually added a border this time. :D


Well-Known Member
Articuno_rocks - 7/10
That image could use a background.
9/10 only thing I think you can fix is the where you place it, try more in the center.^^


Shiny Hunter
@Giibrin 10/10
Stunning, i love the colours and sharpness. Excellent job.

@A7 4/10
Its looks a little messy, the picture in general.
Why dont you make 1 picture of even size of those 2 pictures?
and put the Youtube link within the image. I like the colour work though.

I kinda see that sig before... I think its from a staff...

BTW I got ninjad by SmartD's avatar


Metallic Wonder
"Some men just want to watch the world burn"
I like that sentence. 9/10
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