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Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

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Only Mostly Dead
7.5/10 - I miss watching that show! I like the font on the banner and the colorscheme. The text below it could match it better, but it's alright.


Write on
9/10. I love all the pretty effects and the characters look nice. I like all the light and shadow, but I personally think Filia "hogs" a lot of attention away from Xellos. :p


Dr. Geek
9/10 I really like the banner, but the text could be better.

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
The banner is neat, although the Sugimori art clashes with the sprite style. The text isn't edited to match the banner however ;;

I like the userbar though it doesn't fit with the sig.



pringle user
6/10 Nice banner, but other than that it is just links. Also the alignment is wierd, but that could just be my computer.


Only Mostly Dead
3/10 - Goes with your username but... meh, it's been pointed out many many times before. The image is completely unmodified and the text is unformatted.


Shiny Hunter
@Coololoololololololololo - 5.5/10
My grade is pure based on the quality of the image in the middle rather, very pixely. and the text on the right and left image is roughly done.
But the good point is that i dont found your style messy at all.

@SmartD - 6/10

Yeah a signature, nothing really much to add..

@Skyomi - 7/10
Your profile picture always flows great with your signatures. (Admin advantages :p)
I just found one thing kinda bad, you mixed the charather a little to much with the back ground, making the background kinda overruling.
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