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Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

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8/10, I like his detective hat.


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8/10. Epic Samurott is epic, but I don't really like the Samurott sprite - its style doesn't really match with the smooth style of the Samurott fanart. The links at the bottom are formatted nicely, but I don't like the blue lines. I'm not quiter sure why.


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@C.ghloy - 6/10
I really adore its content, although you have a way to high contrast in it. Otherwise i would give you a 8.

@Articuno - 7/10
Lots of text, i dislike that.. But i do adore the font you have used for in the image.

PS: Why do poeple only give but one feedback most of the time??
a Minimal of 2 each post would be far better, avoids spam too. I can imagine people want several feedbacks and not just
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^I guess it's just common for people to go for the one right above, as that's usually the norm of games anyways.

@Articuno - 7/10 too. Quite like the banner there and don't mind text (maybe that's why I often have too much =p) but I feel the conflicting text colours distract from the banner and could be hard to read on some skins as well.

Azulart - 8/10
Nice banner and nothing else distracts from it, but the text within the banner is a bit hard for myself to read quickly and easily (more so the second line).


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@Ipokemon - 8/10
I like it good job, nice change!

@Dawn - 1/10
Pure text.

@Arisa - 8.5/10

Great work with the style, it combines great with Leafeon, with glaceon on the other side hmm.. well thats something to wonder i would say
but overall great banner.

@bobabdbill - 6.5/10
I am very tough on pixely stuff, and your banner holds a little pixel stuff. Thats why the 6.5
I like the style though

Flame Mistress

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@cool: 1/10 If you hadn't said that, maybe I would've given you a decent score.

@Azulart: 8/10 Nice banner, though it's a bit too bright in some parts.


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@ FM: 9.5/10. Very nice banner with great effects. I also like the positioning and style of the links at the bottom. I took away half a point because the e's in "Dreaming of the Sky" kind of look like c's...

@ cool: 5.5/10... I like how you removed the center banner, but I'm not a fan of chaos (even though one of them is Articuno). I like the Corsola and Kecleon art, but the text on the banners is very plain. Also, the border of the Kecleon image is thicker than the border of the Corsola image, causing unevenness. >_<


@Azulart: Thanks! 9/10 on your siggie :)
@Articuno: 9/10 I like it overall.
@coolcoolcool: 8/10, it shows a lot of things about you.
@Flame Mistress: 9/10 because it's Skyla!
@watericedragon:9/10 because it's Gary!
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Great banner, and the links are presented in a stylish fashion. 9.5/10!


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@Dittodude - 3/10
The banner is not high quality renderd, its very blur in some parts.
plus the text beneath is rather standard. The 3 window idea is cool though, thats why i rate it 3 lol.

@Waterice - 6/10

The sig is fine. Just the text beneath kills it.
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