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Rate the signature (Update to rules: 1/8/12)

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Claimed Gabite
7/10 One of my favourite ships


Same as before. 9/10


The King of Town.
Cool(oolcool) sprites in the banner. 8/10.


Only Mostly Dead
2/10 - Some of the sprites are kinda cool, but it's saved as a jpg and the color quality has suffered as a result. As it is, there's no major element that draws the eye, and the pieces currently in play don't sync up with each other.
Cute! 6/10
Hey cool! Wazzup!? Nice sig but the text style in the banner is kinda lame. So 7/10


Write on
7/10 - the art's quite nice, but it's small and blurry. I would have liked it better if you linked it to the full-sized image. The text at the top kind of ruins the signature...

I drew my signature picture by myself. If you need an explanation of it, click on it.
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