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Rate the Song Game

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Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I’ve noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a game where we could post some music and then the person below us rates the song you’ve shared so I decided to create one. The rules are pretty much the same at the other rating games. I’d rather not have songs posted in this game laden with profanity but a few swears in the song is acceptable as long as it isn’t something like 95% of the F word being sung. All genres of music is encouraged as long as it is mostly kid friend. So you can post Beethoven and The Beatles and everything in between here.

I’ll start.

I Specialize in Love- Sharon Brown



Take your time...and pet a fluffy bun
8/10 Oh my gosh I really like this song. It's been a while since I heard this.

Glow - CORSAK (ft Robinson) (Live Acoustic version)

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
8/10 because it’s Prince!

I Feel For You by Chaka Khan- Another Prince Song that features harmonica playing from Stevie Wonder and rapper Melle Mel.


Well-Known Member
7/10 Not quite my type of music, but it's not bad. And I remember it from an old Simpsons Episode *drives car off a pier into the ocean* Save me Chaka Kahn!

Stay - by Shakespears Sister, a bit of early 90s weirdness


An anomaly
Hmmm... I like quite a few of David Bowie's songs! This song has some good beats to it. I rate it 7/10. If I hear it on the radio, I'll definitely let it play, but I don't think I like it quite enough to put it on my ipod.

How about some new wave 80's music. Tears for Fears!



Well-Known Member
5/10 average 80s synth pop, not terrible, but not particularly awesome or thought provoking either.

Back to the 90s



Byakuya Supremacist


Take your time...and pet a fluffy bun
8/10 Just because this song is part of Prince of Egypt.

And now to use this thread for what I really wanted to do...

Dynamite - BTS (방탄소년단)
now let's see how many will gives this a chance


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
7/10 Pretty catchy! Thanks for sharing this. Heard it in commercials before and it's nice to find out who made the song.

If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher

It's a nice classic~

Every Fight Is A Food Fight For A Cannibal - Victor and the Bully


Older Pokemon Trainer
8/10. I liked your choice and the song did pick up a bit in the middle.
P.S. I'm sure a lot of people can guess what game series this song is from. :)
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