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Rate User Title of the Previous User

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Northern Lights

since the last one kinda Died, i thought i should remake the game originally made by darkgamerGS

basically, just rate the above posters User Title

eg: Avatar is Vaporeon and User Title is 'Water's Guardian'

then you would post a rate '8/10 ... it matches Avatar ... but i don't particularly like it'

etc. ... ok


Sorry, I didn't want to have a new one until the old one was good and dead. But now that it's closed and I'm away from school and finals, let's begin the game.

I give yours a 7/10


8/10 Seems to fit the avatar quite nicely.



Same goes for you.


probably elsewhere
9/10 Got a laugh out of me. Is Mew the police person? :p


probably elsewhere
7/10 Don't see why it relates to the avatar, but I really do like the avvie. :p
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