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Rate Your Nicknames!

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by JadeDragonSoul, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    Rate Your Nicknames! (Need raters!)

    Edit: I'm only one person and can't possibly rate everyone's alone! (I made this thread months ago, went back to college, check the forum weeks later to find it still alive with tons of requests!) I'd appreciate it if everyone made an effort to rate someone else's too.


    I think Pokemon's nicknames are all too under-rated! (Pun not intended...) Nicknaming your Pokemon makes them more personal and less like objects or monsters. Since I started playing when I was 10 I've named my Pokemon and have ever since for the past 10 years. EVERY Pokemon gets a nickname in my games! What about you? How do you name yours?

    Here I'll rate your Pokemon's nicknames based on fitness (how well it fits the specific Pokemon), creativity, uniqueness (avoidance of cliches), overall theme (Ex: Frank, Bob and Xavier, the latter doesn't go well), look (how the actual name looks) and flow (how it sounds).

    So a Sandshrew named "Timber" would rate higher than one named "Sandy".

    Feel free to share your thoughts on other's names too! Chime in!

    Make sure to mention the Pokemon, name and gender, and any other notes.
    Remember this is just for fun, no hard feelings! I encourage others to rate eachothers.

    Here are my teams and their names for you to judge:


    Togekiss - Fable (M)
    Dragonite - Ophelia (F)
    Dusknoir - Lenore (F)
    Torterra - Albion (M)
    Tauros - Altair (M)
    Porygon-Z - Zork

    Torterra - Athenry (M)
    Crobat - Yazoo (M)
    Luxray - Katana (F)
    Milotic - Atlantis (F)
    Hypno - Banquo (M)
    Rapidash - Yahrling (F)

    Groudon - Ganondorf
    Absol - Sickle (F)
    Gardevoir - Larz (M)
    Walrein - Trusk (F)
    Sceptile - Link (M)
    Salamence - Inji (F)

    Yellow "Assume all (F)"
    Venusaur - Eden
    Blastoise - Serra
    Pikachu - Avril
    Charizard - Thorn
    Nidoqueen - Zula
    Lapras - Juno
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2010
  2. AlexKZ

    AlexKZ Well-Known Member

    Lets see. I'll just post 6 pokemon that can be a "team" from Platinum.

    Qwilfish - PuckerUp (F)
    Milotic - Mirage (F)
    Furret - PopGoesMe! (F)
    Umbreon - Eclipse (M)
    Omastar - DavyJones! (M)
    Meganium - Mr.Topiary (M)
  3. Da_impos

    Da_impos hehe

    i have no idea how to rate, but heres my normal monotype team :) .

    ;474; porygod
    ;242; blisstol
    ;234; stuntler
    ;352; killceon
    ;143; snorlord
    ;468; togito
  4. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    PuckerUp - The flow is great, cute and catchy, but it doesn't "look" appealing. If the U was lowercase it would, but I like it! So 9.5/10
    Mirage - Awesome name, fits great! 10/10
    PopGoesMe! - Cute name, but wouldn't work as a irl, or if you were a trainer in the anime. I give it a 4/10.
    Eclipse - Another great, perfect nickname. 10/10
    DaveyJones! - I think a hyphen between it would work better then the "!", I get the reference though! 7/10
    Mr.Topiary - Topiary by itself would be great, the "Mr." ruins it a little. Other than that: 7/10

    ^^ Overall 6/10
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2010
  5. vitorml

    vitorml 5th gen Legend

    the only ones i nicknamed was my emerald swampert(i do still miss ya old susano'o)which i nicknamed him susano'o 'cause that was the name of the god of water and storm in japanese mythology and my dear infernape, which i nicknamed him goukazaru(yeah, i was with no ideas, but he's still cool that way.)because that's infernape' japanese name.
  6. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    These are too similar to their original names, in most cases only a letter or two different.

    Porygod - 1/10, too similar to its name!
    Blisstol - 3/10 "tol" is too sharp compared to the soft "bliss". Good attempt though.
    Stuntler - 3/10 Too similar to the name. The "Stunt" is a good start.
    Killceon - 2/10 Unsure how to pronounce it (hard or soft "c"?) Similar to its original name, but doesn't fit the Pokemon well.
    Snorlord - 5/10 I like this one, it fits a Snorlax well!
    Togitol - 8/10 I like this one a lot too. Creative/unique looking and sounding, and even though its similar to its name, it works.

    Overall 3/10
  7. Da_impos

    Da_impos hehe

    they were meant to sound similar :p ;)
  8. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    What's important is if you like the names, of course. :)
  9. Lord Scalgon

    Lord Scalgon What title?

    This nickname is most likely epic win, but anyway...

    Steelix (;208;) - Iron Dick

    Don't get me started on Palkia.
  10. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    Omg! Haha!!
  11. Wild Jolteon

    Wild Jolteon Have at you!!!

    Most of my nicknames are kinda lame (Blaze the blaziken yeah) but here are some of my favorites

    Yanmega- Sega
    Kyogre- Big blue
    Luxray- Circuit
  12. Da_impos

    Da_impos hehe

    i named my blaziken blaze too :D :p
  13. Onyx Umeki

    Onyx Umeki Mrph...how impudent.

    Togekiss = Mirthe [f]
    Gyarados = Induyte [f]
    Mamoswine = Permyet [m]
    Gengar = Reveynant [f]
    Espeon = Kyelle [m]
    Ambipom = Ayero [m]
  14. ~ Z ~

    ~ Z ~ Badabim badabum!

    Meh...I'll give it a try too ^^

    Party 1 - Main Party
    Absol - Moonblade - M
    Scizor - Ironcut - M
    Roserade - Leafpoint - M
    Gyarados - Seafang - M
    Dragonite - Bellydon - M
    Infernape - Flarie - M

    Reinforcement Members
    Mismagius - Gemini - F
    Aerodactyl - RokiRoki - M
    Luxray - Raikirion - M
    Staraptor - Falco - M
    Snorlax - YummyTummy - M
    Froslass - Lulu - F


    That's it.

    I myself think that Infernapes name is bit too femaleish name, but...I don't like the sound of Flareape, so...

    If you have some suggestions (for example to Infernape) go ahead and say it. ^^
  15. zlxq3000

    zlxq3000 Master Collector

    Eh, might as well:

    FR Team:
    Butterfree - Champ
    Gyarados - Gyakusatsu
    Electabuzz - Powerhouse
    Arcanine - Shisa

    'Champ' only because he beat the Kanto Champ for me in every conceivable way; I traded him over to LG and had him battle Gary's final pokemon, each one being different.

    E Team:
    Blaziken - Shoryuashi
    Mightyena - Fenrir
    Walrein - Dragonfly

    D Team:
    Infernape - Shoryuken
    Torterra - Vee-dub
    Empoleon - Dood
    Staraptor - Justice
    Luxray - Khafra

    'Justice' because I used Staraptor in the majority of my battles with Team Galactic, and he was the one pokemon to take down every single Galactic leader in the game.

    P Team:
    Porygon - Bit 64
    Gengar - Egregore
    Metagross - Hovercomp
    Spiritomb - Shi 108
    Sableye - Glitterimp
    Misdreavus - Lansy

    Pt Team:
    Mawile - Me
    Mawile - Stalin
    Staryu - Darren
    Chinchou - Oscar
    Nosepass - Ganmen

    Not sure where I came up with the names for Staryu and Chinchou; those'll probably change eventually. The 'Me' and 'Stalin' thing is a Robot Chicken reference.
  16. i only gave a few of my pokes nicknames

    Infernape- Ace
    Zapdos- Zeus
    Scizor- Coors Light
  17. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    Great names! Especially Circuit. I see nothing amiss.

  18. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    I have only two pokemon with nicknames:

    Treecko: Torcko

    Hariyama: Hoyama
  19. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    Wow you sure like the letter "y" don't ya?

    Induyte - Strange name for a Gyarados, but very unique. 6/10
    Permyet - Good solid name, but missing something... 6/10
    Reveynant - Not very good flow, but again, creative. 5/10
    Kyelle - Great name for an Espeon! Looks awesome. 10/10
    Ayero - another great, simple nickname. 10/10

    Ayero and Kyelle are the best!
  20. JadeDragonSoul

    JadeDragonSoul Well-Known Member

    Moonblade - Good name, kinda cliche, but fits Absol well considering it's headpiece! 7.5/10
    Ironcut - Similar to Moonblade, I see your theme going in here. Maybe if it was spiffed up a bit more it'd be better. 4/10
    Leafpoint - I think Roserade is worthy of a much better name, this one is very dull. 3/10
    Seafang - Good for a Gyarados becauase it sounds strong and flows well. Considering your theme I give it a 8/10 (otherwise I'd give it a lower one since its cliche)
    Bellydon - I think the "y" makes all the difference here. If it were replaced with an "i" and be "Bellidon" it would be excellent, however the "Belly" part emphasasis the word "belly", and for a majestic Dragonite, isn't too regal! So Bellydon -> 4/10 or Bellidon ->10/10
    Flarie - Yes, too feminine and cliche for a spunky, fire Infernape. So 1/10. How about Inferno? Aztec?

    Gemini - Great nickname! 10/10
    RokiRoki - I think one Roki is better, or add to the Roki, like Rokiwar. What ever you prefer. 6.5/10
    Raikirion - 10/10. Creative, original nickname that looks and sounds great. Fits a Luxray well.
    Falco - 9/10 Great name, fits well, just missing that extra "oomph".
    YummyTummy - 1/10 Too childish of a name. Cute when its a Munchlax, but a big strong Snorlax? Not quite. ;munchlax;
    Lulu - 7.5/10 So close! Again just needs a little more oomph, but its very good.

    If you want any more suggestions let me know, I only gave one for Infernape like you said, but I don't want to influence your personal Pokemon! It's whatever YOU like, of course.
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