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raticate airiadose deck


New Member
this is my expanded deck the strategy is to have an ariados(using poisons nest or a hypnotoxic lazer as a back up) on the bench and attack with super fang on raticate. have a sparkaling robe on it so it doesn't get poison damage (this is a low buget deck)
;020; raticate x4 (binderies crossed)
rattitata x4 (it doesnt mater)
spinark x4
ariados x4 (ancient origins)
virizion x4 (ancient origins)
level ball x4
acro bike x2
bicycle x1
hypnotoxic laser x4
professors letter x2
vs seeker x4
lysandre x2
n x3
professor sycamore x3
wally x3
forest of giant plants x2
sparkling robe x4
double colorless energy x4
leaf energy x4

tell me what u think