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Raticate BREAK - Poison Barb (Grass-Type Killer) Pokemon TCG


New Member
Well, I've tried this out and it has been working for me, Raticate Break - Poison Barb, full review here: BlizzStars in Youtube second Video


x4 Rattata
x4 Raticate
x3 Raticate BREAK
x2 Spinarak
x2 Ariados
x1 Shaymin EX (Optional, the deck moves without it)


x4 Trainers' Mail
x4 Vs Seekers
x4 Professor Sycamore
x4 Puzzle of time
x4 Poison Barb (Most Important card)
x1 Hex Maniac
x1 Skyla
x1 Brigitte
x2 Lysandre
x1 Super Rod
x1 Special Charge
x2 Winona
x1 Delinquent
x1 Birch's Observation
x1 N
x1 Teammates
x1 Wally
x2 Evosoda
x2 UltraBall


x4 Double Color Energy
x2 Grass Energy