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Rawr! Rate My 2v2 Team! Please? ;.;

Jack Skellington

Pumpkin King
Nothing is set in stone. If you want to suggest a totally new Poke'mon, go for it. (I'm having second thoughts about Uxie after seeing how easily my friend's fell in battle.)

Metagross @ Life Orb
(Brave Nature, Clear Body)

Meteor Mash

EVs: 252 Hp/252 Atk/4 Def

Uxie @ *insert item here*
(Impish Nature, Levitate)

Trick Room
*insert 4th move here*

EVs: 252 Hp/252 Def/4 SpDef

Open up with these two, letting Metagross protect itself for one turn from any nasty attacks, giving Uxie the chance to set up the trick room. After which, U-turn (Although not very powerful) can give Uxie a free chance to do a little damage and then switch someone else back into it's place. Protect might help Uxie in case Metagross needs to make a needed sacrifce with Explosion I suppose.


Snorlax @ Leftovers
(Brave Nature, Thick Fat)

Body Slam
Brick Break

EVs: 252 Atk/128 SpDef/128 Hp

Machamp @ Muscle Band
(Brave Nature, No Armor)

Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Fire Punch
Dynamic Punch

EVs: 252 Atk/252 SpDef/4 Spd

Dusknoir @ *insert item here*
(Careful Nature, Pressure)

Ice Punch
Trick Room
Will o Wisp

EVs: 252 Hp/128 SpDef/128 Def

Bronzong @ *insert item here*
(Relaxed Nature, Levitate)

Trick Room
Grass Knot
*insert 4th move here*

EVs: 252 HP/252 Def/4 SpAtk


Bona fide Narutard.
Before I rate your team... Does Trick Room affect both of your Pokemon, or just one?

If it only affects the user (Bronzong, Uxie), then the strategy isn't viable and you shouldn't have minus speed natures on your Pokemon (Brave).

Also, I'm assuming this team was meant for 2 on 2 battles on your DS. If you use these Pokemon for 1 on 1 also, you're going to give your opponent the upper hand...

I'm merely saying that you should make Pokemon with beneficial natures to use in both cases. Otherwise, you'll win part of the time in 2 on 2 and lose all of the time in 1 on 1 battles and you'll have to re-raise the pokemon you just made.

If you're struggling to come up with ideas (combos) to use for 2 on 2 pwnage, you could add something with Helping Hand + Poison Powder and a Swellow. First turn poison powder the Swellow (or you don't even have to do that, just make it hold a Toxic Orb), then Helping Hand on the next turn. Guts + Facade + STAB + Doubled attack (HH) is a OHKO on pretty much anything. Swellow is also very fast- 125 base speed. So, it's definitely usable and could surprise your opponent with that. Protect + Explosion/Surf is also viable... whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, I'll just rate the pokemon that are here. When using a Life Orb, it's best to use it when you are able to recover HP (ie Restalking Machamp), or when you can OHKO during the first turn (ie Infernape).

With your Metagross, he will be losing HP quickly due to two reasons- he's going to get hit first turn because he'll be slower, and on the second turn, he'll lose HP due to LO. He'll be dead by the opponent's second turn if you're not using protect. He'll definitely be dead by the third turn, because you'll have exploded by then since he will have lost most of his HP due to being slower. That's why I think you should just use an Impish/Adamant natures instead of Brave ones.

Jack Skellington

Pumpkin King
I believe Trick Room affects all Poke'mon, basically for the next 5 turns, the speed stats are switched around, making slower ones become fast and fast ones become slow.


A couple of ideas i've been thinking of for double battles are... discharge on poke 1 and volt absorb on 2 (same thing with surf and water absorb), only problem is it means you going to have 2 of the same, or similar type pokes...

also remember explosion doesnt effect ghosts (which reduces need for protect on every poke)


Well-Known Member
Yeah, it's like a weather effect. Though I think you can stack it with normal weather effects.


Bona fide Narutard.
Those Pokemon are generally going to be slower anyway (Snorlax, Metagross, Machamp), so forget the Brave natures and go with Impish/Adamant IMO. You'll cry when you go back to single battles if you still have brave natures on most of your pokemon.

Also, if it's like a weather effect, you should only need 2 pokemon that know it, especially in a double battle (2 of your pokemon are going to be out at the same time, making it so you'll almost always have a pokemon with Trick Room on the field).