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Rayce and Nero Trade Shop

Discussion in 'Trade Shops' started by Rayce, Jul 16, 2011.

  1. Rayce

    Rayce _

    _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________
    Welcome to our tradeshop! We hope we can find you something you'd like. Please specify who you'd like to trade with, Rayce or Nero Jinous. Please read through ALL of our guidelines, as we have very different views on what constitutes a "Legit" Pokemon!

    Rayce's Shop Part 1: Intro, Events, Shinies
    Rayce's Shop Part 2: Dream World, Services, Wants.
    Rayce's Shop Part 3: Trade Log
    Nero's Shop Part 1: Rules, Events, Shinies, Dream World, Special Moves, and Rare Pokemon.
    Nero's Shop Part 2: Reserved (For now).

    Rayce's Trade Shop
    1-All SPPF rules apply here. I do not accept hacks or clones. Because of the recent debate brought up over AR cloning, I would rather go without cloning all together here on Serebii. Post here if you wish to make a cloned trade with me.

    2- Be respectful. Be nice, use good English, and have fun. That's the goal, let's both try to reach it.

    3- Post here first. This is my Base of Operations, I prefer to keep it that way. If you absolutely cannot post here, then I do accept PMs. Do note that your trade will be recorded publicly on my Trade log.

    4- There is a trade for EVERYONE. Everyone deserves a trade, so post an offer!! :)

    5- There are no trade ratios. I use the value system as opposed to the ratio one; only because trading Cinema Celebi for shiny Gyarados sounds a little Far-fetched. Reasonable can be 1-for-1, but reasonable can also be 3-for-1. This goes both ways!

    6- Notes / Abbreviations:
    Yellow indicates a shiny event.
    Red indicates a warning.
    | | indicates notes about that Pokemon.
    { } indicates the Pokemon's current HP stat.
    [ ] indicates Characteristics about that Pokemon.
    ( ) indicates a nature.
    * indicates value. The more * 's, the more ill be looking for in trade terms.
    NFT indicates this item is Not For Trade. These Pokemon are NFT by request. Do not ask for them.

    7- Highlight it, Circle it, Underline it, Pop it. Be sure to subscribe to this thread by using the 'Thread Tools' drop-down menu; This will keep you informed of any changes/updates! I also keep a blog for all my important findings / . [/URL]

    8- Devices I use.
    RNG Reporter 9.96 Alpha 17
    --Stationary RNG's
    --TID / SID Manipulation
    --RNG Projects

    9- Trophy Case This seems to be a trending thing. These pokemon are 100% Legitimate; they are either mine I got myself or received from deathly-honest people. They are also Uncloned, meaning one-of-a kind. These will only be for trade for exceptional offers, if at all.
    Nero Ginous' Korean DW Banette
    Lvl 37 | Gentle | Cursed Body |
    UT | No Ribbons | Certified Legitimate |
    Rare event retrieved from a Korean Dream World
    account, and traded to me from the my partner.
    Being one of the first Korean Banette's
    with Proof, image of Legitimacy is
    shown and marked to prevent theft.

    Rayce's Shiny XD Eevee
    Lvl 10 | Rash | Run Away |
    UT (In my Standards) | No Ribbons | Certified Legitimate X - X - X |
    Shiny XD Eevee, obtained by yours truly. Obtained
    by a random encounter, and is standing proof that
    the Shiny Starter Eevee can be shiny. This is
    one of two legitimate known shiny XD Eevees, making
    it my rarest pokemon, period. Full story, including full
    legitimacy pictures here.

    Ive decided to make this NFT at all. Sorry guys.

    Nero Ginous' Korean DW Lucario
    Lvl 10 | Docile | Justified |
    UT | No Ribbons | Certified Legitimate |
    New event, with Proof of obtaining. Credit for
    obtaining goes to Nero Ginous. Image will be
    posted soon.

    ShinTheAbsol's Bryant Park Pikachu
    Lvl 70 | XXXXX | Static |
    UT | No Ribbons | 4th Gen | Can know Fly |
    Bryant Park Pikachu, straight from the OT's GBA
    game. Met up with user on Pokecheck, and
    traded for on 4th Gen. event is cloned, but only on
    3rd Gen.

    Pacack's Lucky Soft reset Victini
    Lvl 50 | Bold | Victory Star |
    UT | Wishing Ribbon | Uncloned
    A very lucky Soft Reset by my friend pacack.
    IV's are 31 / 26 / 27 / 31 / 26 / 31 after 4 straight
    days of SRing.

    10- My policies / beliefs.
    I don't believe in Blacklisting.
    I put in a lot of effort in my trades, so I would hope you to do the same.
    I have a huge knowledge of Pokemon in general, and comprehensively check my Pokemon for Legality, and for events Legitimacy.
    I will try to get you something you want. If you see something you like, (like I said) 9 times out of 10 I'll go in your favor.
    I will go to great lengths to trade. This includes arranging a trading time, across any timezone (even if its Midnight for me). Don't let timezone's discourage you from trading with me.

    All are uncloned and unique.

    Korean DW Piplup (Adamant) [Scatters things often] {HP 33}
    Korean DW Bulbasaur (Lax) [Sturdy body] {HP 29}
    Korean DW Togekiss (Quiet) [Likes to run] {HP 37}
    Korean DW Mamoswine (Quirky) [Good perseverence] {HP 123}
    Korean DW Mamoswine (Relaxed) [Likes to thrash about] {HP 124} |T|
    Korean DW Mamoswine (Serious) [Sturdy body] {HP 124} |T|
    Korean DW Banette (Timid) [Often scatters things] {HP 100}
    Korean DW Banette (Docile) [Likes to thrash about] {HP 102} |T|
    Korean DW Wobbuffett (Docile) Certified Legitimate
    Colosseum Bayleef (Quirky)
    Colosseum Croconaw (Calm)
    Colosseum Yanma (Timid)
    Colosseum Shuckle (Jolly) [T, Not my OT, from OT, Shiny]
    Colosseum Metagross (Hasty) [T, lvl 54]
    Colosseum Tyranitar (Bold) [Edited moveset, BT lvl 55]
    XD Walrein (Relaxed) [XD Spheal Evolved]
    XD Rapidash (Jolly)
    XD Pidgeotto (Brave)
    XD Scizor (Docile) [NOT e-card, XD scyther evolved]
    XD Hitmonchan (Naive)
    XD Hitmonlee (Jolly)
    XD Chansey (Lonely)
    XD Blissey (Sassy) [Knows Seismic Toss, T lvl 43]
    XD Rhyperior (Lonely) [Evolved Rhydon, T lvl 50]
    XD Altaria (Timid) [T lvl 37]
    XD Kangaskan (Impish)
    XD Togepi (Quiet) [Serene Grace] *
    XD Togetic (Quiet) [Same as above, but has roost]
    XD Swellow (Sassy)
    XD Lunatone (Naughty) [T, lvl 27]
    XD Persian (Lax) [Knows Nightmare, Dream Eater, and Sing) *
    XD Kangashkan (Adamant)
    XD Teddiursa (Gentle)
    XD Snorlax (Adamant)
    XD Rhydon (Adamant)
    XD Paras (Modest) ]
    XD Dragonite (Adamant) [BT, lvl 55]
    XD Salamence (Naive) [T, lvl 51]
    XD Articuno (Careful)
    XD Zapdos (Docile) [BT, lvl 50]
    XD Moltres (Careful) [BT, lvl 50]
    DUKING Larvitar (Lax) [Coming soon, Adamant ~]
    SMR2012 Keldeo [Note: Can SR or RNG for a desired Nature / IV's. Good offers]

    Waiting Events - Events for reset / RNG Requests. Waiting on my Black.
    American DW Banette
    American DW Croagunk
    American DW Mamoswine
    American Snarl Zoroark
    American Movie14 Victini
    American SPR2012 Zekrom

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    Last edited: Dec 10, 2012
  2. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Thank you to all who have traded with me! I hope to continue with what I can.
    Last edited: Nov 21, 2012
  3. Rayce

    Rayce _

    This is where I keep track of all my Business-dealings. It is both for reference, my own personal organization, and a liability (because mistakes do happen).
    If we trade, it will be listed here. Please contact me if I make a mistake.

    Completed Trades:
    Username / Their Poke ----> My Poke

    Darth Zerop / TRU Manaphy and Movie Victini ----> Movie 11 Hydreigon
    Kokonina / Sea Chart Mew ----> Movie 08 Shaymin
    riolu424 / DW Aerodactyl w/ egg moves and DW Growlithe ----> Shiny Minun
    Porygon-XYZ / Shiny Flawless Azelf ----> Movie 11 Victini
    Anjumterror / World Hobby Manaphy, Shiny Modest Deino, Shiny Ducklett --> Birthday Audino, Ash's Pikachu, and VGC10 Eevee
    TheMaster327 / Volbeat 31 SAttk, Volbeat 31 Spe, Volbeat Timid --> ANA Darkrai
    Fissurous / Shiny Slakoth, Shiny Throh, Event Cubchoo, Berry Fix Zigzagoon (RUBY) & (SAPHIRE) --> Shiny Azurill, Hadou Regice, XD Trapinch, XD Wooper, XD Surskit (Requested Clones on the Events Back)
    Dark13Sceptile / Event Cubchoo (Flawless), Ash's Scraggy (Flawless) --> Shiny Landorus, Shiny AGETO Celebi (Requested Clones Back)
    fusionzekrom / Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi --> DW Arceus
    hugo321557 / Shiny HADOU Mew, Pokepark Cacnea, and Wish Chansey --> DW KOREAN Mamoswine, Flareon, Glaceon (Not For Trade Requested) [Thanks for trade ^^]
    GlaceonQueen / Shiny Virizon, Shiny Purrloin, Shiny Solosis, and Shiny Treasure Hunter's Egg Larvesta --> DW Glaceon, Shiny Cresselia, Shiny Deino, Shiny Duskull
    JohnnyBlaze / Shiny Groudon --> Shiny Exeggutor
    MikeHill005 / Cloned his WIN2011 Celebi
    Chaosbayne / Shiny Faraway Island Mew --> Shiny Celebi
    FILIP22 / Janta's Golurk and Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Palkia --> HADOU Mew and Birthday Audino
    xucretis / Ev Cleansing/Training his Haxorus and Gengar
    aaron11700 / Shiny Charmander and Shiny Durant --> Shiny Absol and Shiny Bagon
    craig87 / NWS Manaphy, TRU Regigigigas, E4all Manaphy, Nzone Pikachu, and PKTOPIA Pikachu --> HADOU Regice, HADOU Registeel, HADOU Regirock, JEREMY Gengar, JEREMY Machamp
    noahdaboa / ANA Pikachu, Shiny Gligar, and Movie Zekrom --> Shiny Rampardos, Shiny Druddigon, and Shiny Heatmor
    Grand~Kingdra / Shiny Ferroseed (near Flawless) and Flawless Litwick --> Ash's Scraggy Flawless and Shiny Flawless Moltres
    Darkrai_Shadowforce / Shiny Flawless UT Rayquaza --> Movie 11 Zekrom
    Elekible-Kid / Shiny Flawless breloom --> Shiny Flawless Piplup (ev-erased)
    chocoboy / Shiny Latias and WORLD08 Lucario (4th Gen) --> Shiny Movie 11 Hydreigon and Golurk
    Imperviousman / DW Pichu --> Shiny Flawless Moltres and Gamestp Deoxys
    liam99 / Laukaps und Schlenthelm and PCNY Zangoose, Milotic, Seviper, Salamence --> Shiny Flawless Bagon, Duskull, Piplup, Torchic, Moltres, and Deino
    Biosci / SMR2010 Jirachi --> Shiny Flawless Bagon
    Wyz / Shiny Tentacruel --> 10 ANIV Celebi
    szorua22 / Shiny Flawless Skarmory --> Shiny Flawless Pichu
    ITANI / Pokepark minun, spinda, spoink, whismur, skitty, and Wish Exeggcute --> Shiny Flawless Moltres, Bagon, Pichu, Rayquaza and Movie 11 Zekrom and Victini [Thanks for Trading ^^]
    FILIP22 / Wish Chansey --> Shiny Southern Island Latios
    Fissurous / Colosseum Pikachu and Sing Pikachu --> Shiny DW Pichu and Shiny Korean Larvesta
    Froggie56 / Movie11 Shaymin --> Flawless Ditto
    Sly Sloth / Shiny Pinsir --> ANA Darkrai
    psilocyborg / Shiny Flawless Larvitar and Shiny Sinjoh Ruins Giratina --> Shiny Flawless Totodile and Turtwig
    threexl /Shiny Lunatone, Excadrill, and Eevee --> Shiny Flawless Bagon and Piplup
    dar / Sing Pikachu (AAA) --> JEREMY Gengar and PCNY Salamence
    Lady Snow / ANA Pikachu (Male) --> Pokesma! Cubchoo (Naive)
    Afwan / 10 ANIV Suicune and Blaziken and Carlita's Hydreigon (Near Flawless) --> Shiny Flawless Turtwig, Skarmory, and Shiny Faraway Island Mew
    Ikhana Graveyard / Pokepark Surskit, Taillow, and Igglybuff (NOT OT サトシ) --> Korean Mamoswine (Other one) [Thanks for Trading ^^]
    10151993 / EV Cleanse his Swampert
    b3astown / Cloned their Politoed
    setclose / BW Mall Tours Celebi --> AAA Sing Pikachu
    Livinitup17 / Shiny Flawless Skarmory, Treeko, and Smeargle --> Shiny Flawless Volcarona, Moltres, Azelf
    Scullion / Shiny Near-Flawless Seel --> Shiny Flawless Solosis
    TVGuru / Kyle's Riolu and ALAMOS Darkrai --> WORLD10 Crobat and ANA Darkrai
    bcat8907 / DW Korean Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and Piplup --> Shiny Magcargo (XD) and Shiny Raikou (Colo), SKE48 Sing Pikachu and Osaka Sing Pikachu
    nani_andre / Shiny Flawless Chandelure --> Shiny Flawless Scizor
    bryan.26 / Shiny Shaymin and Darkrai --> Movie 11 Victini and Hydreigon
    Sly_Sloth / DW Skitty (Adamant) [OT] --> My DW Finneon (Timid) [Toxic Orb]
    darkrai's_shadow / EV Cleanse their Scizor
    Vendidurt / Shiny Flawless Timburr --> Shiny Near-Flawless Golett
    hitsu1996 / Shiny Flawless Heracross and Zorua --> Flawless Shiny Volcarona and Ferroseed
    dman00 / Shiny Mudkip --> Movie 11 Victini
    Livinitup17 / Shiny Flawless Lileep and Shellos --> Shiny Flawless Karrablast and Pichu
    VoluntaryGopher / Movie 03 Jirachi --> Shiny Flawless Bagon
    barak446 / Birth Island Deoxys and Faraway Island Mew (Self-Obtained) --> Shiny Pokepark Mew, DW Torchic, and Movie 03 Jirachi
    Soul18655 / DW Porygon --> DW Torchic
    Jazz14456 / Cloned their pokemon
    TVGuru / Shiny Birth Island Deoxys, 10th Deoxys, and SPACEC Deoxys -->Pokemon Colosseum Pikachu, Shiny HADOU Mew, and Pokecafe Eevee
    Elements115 / Shiny Flawless Modest Haunter --> Shiny Flawless Modest Porygon
    miyac / Shiny Basculin, Ducklett, Alomomomomomoloa, Elygem, and Flawless Escavalier --> Shiny Flawless Tepig, Oshawott, and Venipede
    reddog95 / Shiny Altaria --> Shiny Ferroseed
    sleeyp4ever / PokeSma! Mewtwo --> Sing Pikachu and Oak's Letter Shaymin
    Scorch5688 / Shiny Flawless Rufflet --> Shiny Flawless Skarmory
    Kur0nue / San Jose BW Tours Celebi --> Michina Arceus
    reddog95 / EV Cleansed their Pokemon
    DarkDream79 / Cloned their Pokemon
    Pagongster77 / Cloned their Pokemon
    Janaff / Cloned their Pokemon
    NoToRiousBrawL / Pokepark Jirachi and Shiny Flawless DW Abra --> Shiny Colosseum Togetic and Colosseum Pikachu
    Unlucky / French DW Banette "Branette", French DW Mamoswine "Mammochon", and DW Korean Umbreon --> Korean DW Leafeon, Korean DW Vaporeon, and Korean DW Jolteon
    Kokonia / Shiny Wooper --> Shiny Minun
    Ikhana Graveyard / DW Korean Croagunk --> DW Korean Banette
    FILIP22 / Shiny MYSTRY Mew, Singing Pikachu [OT:AAA], JEREMY Staryu, JEREMY Oddish, JEREMY Sandshrew, JEREMY Ekans, JEREMY Growlithe, JEREMY Shellder -->
    Shiny MYSTRY Mew, Sing Pikachu [OT: チサ], Korean DW Charmander, Korean DW Bulbasaur, Korean DW Squirtle
    NoToRiousBrawL / Korean DW Porygon and Korean Cinema Celebi --> Korean Banette and Snarl Zoroark
    dewey911p / STAMP Pichu and STAMP Absol --> Movie 03 Jirachi, WORLD10 Crobat, PBR Pikachu, Pokemon Colosseum Bonus Disk Pikachu
    mrsora / PALCITY Mew, Manaphy, and Lucario --> DW Piplup and Torchic
    Xenevix / Shiny Flawless Nidoran --> Shiny Flawless Golett
    Nero Jinous / Uncloned Korean DW Banette --> Uncloned Korean DW Mamoswine [Thanks for Trading ^^]
    Kevin24 / Korean Cerulean Cave Mewtwo --> Korean Spear Pillar Palkia
    Dragonmaster28 / German Landorus --> Korean Palkia
    truevillany / Shiny Flawless Heatran --> Shiny Flawless Enigma Stone Latios
    abbonexus / Shiny Flawless Kyurem --> Shiny Flawless EM Tepig
    TVGuru / Shiny Colosseum Bayleef and DW Korean Turtwig --> Sing Pikachu (OT: AAA) and DW Bulbasaur
    raticate7 / Shiny Dwebble, Sewaddle, Sawk and Blitzle --> Ash's Pidove, Ash's Scraggy, and Flawless DW Espeon
    Ewald12397 / Shiny Flawless EM Growlithe --> Shiny Flawless EM Larvitar
    slopEjoe / Shiny Flawless DW Lotad --> Shiny Flawless HP Mienfoo
    cooloolcool / Shiny Flawless HP Latios --> Flawless Event Victini
    x-strike-fire-dragon / XD Lunatone, Great IVs / DW Gliscor and Shiny EM Turtwig
    Psygirl / TRU Zoroark --> Shiny Shuckle [Stealth Rock]
    pamupe / Hayley Mew, Oblivia Deoxys, and Japanese Movie Celebi --> Milos Island Tornadus, GAMESTP Celebi, and Movie '03 Jirachi
    joffice / Shiny Skitty and PC Snivy --> Shiny Torchic and SMR2011 Shelmet
    Iceberg / PCNY Exploud, PCNY Shuppet, ANA Pikachu, Pokefesta Wobuffet, PokePark Meowth, SPACE C Deoxys, McDonald's Pikachu, Strongest Pokemon Dragonite, PC Tokyo Birthday Charmande, Kyushu Strongest Blaziken, Kyushu Strongest Swampert, Kyushu Strongest Sceptile -->PCNY Zangoose, Wish Absol, JEREMY Tauros, JEREMY Slowpoke, JEREMY Sandshrew, Sunday Tropius, German SMR2011 Karrablast, NWS Manaphy, Festa Electabuzz, Festa Magmar, PokePark Corsola, and PokePark Corphish
    Trinimaster / Shiny Flawless Anorith --> Shiny Flawless Rufflet
    TVGuru / Wish Farfetch'd --> Wish Exeggcute
    Legend Killer / Oblivia Deoxys --> Shiny Flawless Scizor
    Kevin24 / XD MYSTRY Mew --> Pokepark Celebi
    yoda5000 / Cloned their Pokemon
    GogoGojira / Shiny Amphardos --> Shiny Gligar
    DarkCharizard2 / Wish Bagon --> V-Create Rayquaza
    henryshen11 / Golgo Octillery, Akiyama Slaking, Ryuuta, Na Na, Rui Rui, Noruta, and Ushi Magikarp, Strongest Electivire, Strongest Magmortar, Onemuri Pikachu, Yokohama Birthday Pikachu [2x], Birthday Charmander [2008 & 2009], and WCS Eevee -->Pokepark Corphish, Corsola, Cacnea, Skitty, Spinda, Wynaut, Taillow, Surskit, Pysduck, Plusle, Minun, Pichu, Igglybuff, Whismur and Spoink
    scizor42 / Shiny Birth Island Deoxys --> Shiny Flawless Scizor
    thedarklord2155 / Shiny Flawless Spiritomb and Shiny Cresselia --> Wish Bagon
    scraftyscrafty / ROCKS Metang, Saikyou Milotic, Saikyou Salamence, Golgo Octillery, Yamamoto Whiscash, Birthday Chimchar (ID: 09129), Trade for Evolution! Magmar, Trade for Evolution! Shelmet, Nagashima Spa Land Axew,
    Milos Island Tornadus, Pikachu Festival Pikachu (OT Tohoku), Fukuoka GCEA Pikachu (ID no.: 60114), NoA Seth's Heracross, PokéFesta Metang, and 2010 PC Tokyo Birthday Audino --> PCJP Wish Absol, *PCNYd Seviper (Lonely)PCNYd Gloom, PCNY Aggron, PCNY Wailord, PCNY Crawdaunt, PCNY Wish Exeggcute (Mild), PCNY Wish Farfetch'd, V&D Reshiram, V&D Zekrom, Korean Carlita's Hydreigon, Korean Janta's Golurk, and Shiny Korean Larvesta
    pacack825 / PalCity Manaphy --> Shiny Flawless Mew
    Meepooh / PC Chandelure, PC Ninetails, Kyushu Blaziken, Kyushu Swampert, Kyushu Sceptile, Kyushu Metagross, Kyushu Gardevoir, Kyushu Salamence, Kyushu Ludicolo, Flawless Nobunga's Rayquaza, and Flawless Milos Island Thundurus [Traded as hacks, but compensated with legitimate versions, then added:] Trade for Evolution! Machoke and Trade for Evolution! Slowpoke --> Wish Exeggcute, Wish Farfetch'd, STAMP Absol, STAMP Pichu, Wish Bagon, Wish Absol
    EoTN / Shiny Flawless Kyushu Walrein, Flawless PC Chandelure, and Flawless 2012MAY Darkrai --> Shiny XD Chikorita and Shiny Colo Togetic
    Sid87 / 10 ANIV Tyranitar, Latias, Latios, Pikachu, Articuno, Ho-Oh, and Umbreon [Awaiting Raikou and Lugia] --> Shiny Flawless Gothita, Seel, Shuppet, Sherubi, Deino, Zangoose, Pawniard [Awaiting Pansage, Pansear, Panpour; 2 of them]
    Kninja22 / GIULA Mew for free.
    pacack825 / Shiny Furret and Shiny Flawless Starmie --> SMR2010 Jirachi and Shiny Colo Raikou
    joepotatoe / Shiny Flawless Dratini and Maractus --> Shiny Flawless Axew and Treecko
    Lord Zoroark / Defensive-Geared Cresselia --> Flawless Milos Island Thundurus
    scraftyscrafty / 10 ANIV Ho-Oh --> Bryant Park Articuno
    GlaceonQueen / Shiny Flawless Sableye and Korean Home Plus Darkrai --> Shiny Flawless Rotom, Vulpix, and Shiny Frillish
    setclose / German Nzone Pikachu and VGC12 Larvitar --> GIULIA mew and Fes Pikachu [Pikachu found Legitimate. Thanks for the trade. ^^]
    Jmandal / DW Flawless Venusaur --> Flawless GAMESTP Jirachi
    Ginji / Shiny Colosseum Raikou, Bryant Park Articuno, Kyocera Bidoof and Starly and DW Treecko --> Daisuki Magikarp [2x], PCNY Gloom, JEREMY Slowpoke, and Fes Pikachu
    CircuitCj / Ken Psyduck, Tom Heracross, Seth Heracross, SHiny Flawless Kyushu Blaziken, Sceptile, and Swampert, Akiyama Slaking, Australian Zoroark and Onemuri Pikachu --> Red Metagross, YotD Bagon, Druddigon, and Deino, Tanabata Jirachi [2x], and Pokepark Mew
    Ninjajames / PCNY Shedinja, Wish Bagon, Teeter Dance Bellsprout --> PCNY Absol, JEREMY Ekans, and Ken Psyduck
    master91 / Keldeo Movie '12 --> Shin Sae Gae Manaphy
    derk. / Shiny Flawless Shellder --> Shiny Flawless Tornadus
    Golden_Arcanine / Movie '12 Keldeo --> Shiny Faraway Island Mew
    pacack825 / SR'd Victini --> Shiny WISHMKR Jirachi, Ageto Celebi, and Negaboshi Jirachi
    Janaff / Cloned their Pokemon.
    pokemon trainer mystery / Shiny Seedot --> Shiny Zorua
    ShinTheAbsol / Bryant Park Pikachu and RUBY Zigzagoon --> Pokepark Jirachi [He got himself, Thanks for Trading ^^]
    warpkun / Movie Meloetta [From OT] and TCGWC Pikachu --> JEREMY Oddish and JEREMY Ekans [Thanks for trading ^^]
    celebi3335 / PCNYa Zangoose --> Movie Meloetta [Vielen Danke fur die Tauschen! ^^]
    FILIP22 / PCNY Exploud and PCNY Kingdra --> Wish Exeggcute
    cadekol / DW Togekiss with Proof --> Shiny Unown
    derk. / Genesect --> GCEA Growlithe
    Ninjames / WORLD12 Pikachu --> Movie '08 Shaymin
    Ninjames / GCEA Mawile and Solrock --> GCEA Treecko and Ekans
    SuperDann / YOTD Eggs --> Shiny Flawless Gastly, Sigilyph, Shiny Flawless DW Abra, Dratini, and Flawless Tutor'd SMR2010 Jirachi
    master91 / TRU Regigigas and TRU Manaphy --> Shiny Flawless Rayquaza and Gothita
    EoTN / DW Porygon and Nagashima Aerodactyl, Lileep, Kabuto, Shieldon, and Cranidos --> PCNY Seviper, Kingdra, Shuppet, Flygon, and Absol
    swampert4 / Pokemon Day Germany Pikachu, 10 JAHRE Lugia, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Pikachu, 10ANNI Latias and Latios, and Pokepark Meowth --> JEREMY Ekans, Oddish, Shellder, Sandshrew, Machamp, Gengar, PCNY Absol and Flygon
    SuperDann / Nagashima Archen, Tirtouga, Kabuto, Cranidos --> Shiny Flawless Mienfoo, Zoura, Flawless DW Togekiss, and Korean Shiny Larvesta
    Bakurial / Aurora Ticket Deoxys (Self-Obtained) --> WIN2011 Suicune
    GoldenMagikarp / Swedish Karrablast and Shelmet (Self-Obtained) --> Shiny Mystery Egg Axew
    Scythers / Plasman Genesect --> Shiny Flawless Scizor
    Wescondo12 / Shiny Flawless Lucario --> Shiny Flawless Tepig
    Infinity-Kaien / Meloetta, Manaphy, Mew, and Celebi for Dex.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2012
  4. Nero Jinous

    Nero Jinous New Member

    Nero's Shop

    Active days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays.
    Hello all. I am very picky, so please use this form:
    Your offer:
    Location/Level Caught:
    Item Held:
    Cloned:(Y/N/IDK, who you got it from if you did not obtain it)
    EV/IV(If important):
    Pokerus(Y/N/C{If important}):

    My legit Standards:
    I prefer 100% legit pokemon, so no hacks, no clones, no files, no pokemon caught in dupped masterballs, no children of hacked pokemon, no pokemon you have obtained by trading a hacked pokemon. Basically if it can be traced back in anyway to a non-legit pokemon I consider it no longer 100% legit. I believe a trade is givingup something of yours for something someone else owns. If I work my *** off for a pokemon, just to get something you didn't work for that is me losing, and you gaining. That is why my belief is, so extreme.

    List of Trainer info:
    Japanese Black 2
    OT: Nero
    ID: 18719
    FC: 1335 4100 7114

    Japanese White 2
    OT: Nero
    ID: 26744
    FC: 1378 4140 0288

    Japanese Black
    OT: Nero
    ID: 14187
    FC: 1549 0708 0760

    English Black
    OT: Nero
    ID: 33743
    FC: 1592 4013 1608

    Korean White
    OT: 네로 (Nero)
    ID: 22225
    FC: 1893 1883 3477

    Korean Black
    OT: 진의네로 (Nero Jinous aka Nero of the Jin)
    ID: 03201
    FC: 3095 9518 7799


    Added: 2x NOK Naver Dragonite
    Added: 2x NOK National Dex Guide Book Jumpluff
    [8/30/12]Traded: with xxh0wlw0lfxx Obtained Shiny Litwick and Movie14 Victini for Korean Naver Male Lucario
    Coming soon: More NoK Year of the Dragon pokemon.

    Black/White/Black 2/White 2 Haves:

    Korean Dream World - Spooky Manor:
    Female Chimecho
    Female Smoochum
    Female Meditite
    Female Stunky
    Female Mawile
    Female Mr. Mime

    Korean Dream World - Rugged Mountain:
    Female Skorupi
    Female Bagon

    Korean Dream World(On my Korean Black and White.):
    Female Doduo
    Female Kangaskhan
    Female Bellsprout
    Female Lickitung
    Female Stantler
    Female Farfetch'd
    Female Tangela

    Korean Dream World Events:
    2x Naver Dragonite( I'm OT of both. One on black one on white.)
    2x National Dex Guide Book Jumpluff(I'm OT of both. One on black one on white.)
    Poll Rayquaza(I'm OT korean black)
    Naver Togekiss(I'm OT korean black)
    Naver Female Banette(I'm OT korean black)
    Naver Male Mamoswine
    Naver Female Blissey (I'm OT on black)

    Korean Events:
    NOK Carlita's Shiny Hydreigon (On my korean Black)
    2x NOK Juanita's Shiny Golurk (On my korean White, 1 obtained by me other from trade)
    2X NOK Strongest Return Mewtwo (On my korean Black, and White)
    NOK Milos Island Thundurus (On my korean Black)
    NOK Milos Island Tornadus (On my korean White)
    4x NOK Year of the Dragon Shiny Deino (2 on my korean white and 2 on black)
    NOK Year of the Dragon Shiny Horsea (On my korean black)
    NOK Year of the Dragon Shiny Swablu (On my Korean white)
    NOK Year of the Dragon Shiny Trapinch (On my korean white)
    3x NOK Year of the Dragon Shiny Druddigon (1 on my korean white and 2 on black)

    Japanese B2/W2 Dream World Events:
    Pokémon Sports League Male Pikachu(I'm OT Japanese black)

    Japanese B2/W2Events:
    2x リサイタル Piplup
    2x Team Plasma Genesect

    Japanese Dream World - Rugged Mountain:
    Female Larvitar

    Japanese Dream World - Spooky Manor:
    Female Misdreavus
    Female Spoink

    Japanese Dream World Events:
    National Dex Guide DW Altaria(I'm OT on Japanese Black)

    Poke Cafe Dream World:
    Female Eevee
    Female Poliwhirl

    Japanese Events:
    Smash Mewtwo
    Satoshi's Scraggy
    Iris's Axew
    Smash Zoroark
    Smash Cubchoo
    Carlita's Shiny Hydreigon
    Nobunaga's Black Rayquaza

    USA Dream World Events:
    2X Female Banette(I'm the OT of one)
    Male Croagunk
    Poll Arceus
    Birthday Male Togekiss
    Male Mamoswine

    USA Dream World - Spooky Manor:
    Female Drowzee

    USA Dream World:
    Male Tangela
    Female Taillow
    Female Lickitung
    Female Oddish
    Female Farfetch'd
    Female Kangaskhan
    Female Exeggcute
    Female Rattata
    Female Bidoof
    Female Lotad

    USA Legends
    Reshiram(No EV's, but some exp on it)

    USA Events:
    TRU Zoroark
    WIN2011 Celebi
    Liberty Ticket Victini
    4x Movie14 Victini
    Spring 2012 Zekrom
    Mighty Mewtwo
    Target Lucario
    Ash's Pidove
    2012May Darkrai

    Snarl: Zorua
    Wish: Eevee
    Morning Sun: Larvesta
    Baton Pass, Protect: Durant(Can add Hone Claws, Stone Edge, and X-Scissor)

    Shiny Tepig

    Fossil pokemon
    some swarm pokemon

    Eon Ticket Emerald Latios
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2013
  5. Nero Jinous

    Nero Jinous New Member

    Reserved Post
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 11, 2012
  6. abrar14

    abrar14 Statter Master

    hi i can be a cloner and rnger for you
  7. ShaoWeh

    ShaoWeh Member

    im interested in ur almia darkrai and azurill. ill offer a vg09 milotic.
  8. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Ill take the movie victini and the Manaphy. Sent you a pm

    Sent you a pm.

    Hm, the ilotic comes with flame orb? if so, its a deal.
  9. ShaoWeh

    ShaoWeh Member

    doesnt come with a flame orb... how about just the almia darkrai then?
  10. Rayce

    Rayce _

    deal, ill transfer it and have it readied.
  11. ShaoWeh

    ShaoWeh Member

    alright ill pm u when im ready to trade. oh and btw is it UT?
  12. Rayce

    Rayce _

    hmm updated. No its not
  13. KiraRebornXD

    KiraRebornXD Well-Known Member

    Keep it up!
  14. ShaoWeh

    ShaoWeh Member

    ahhh...... i needed a UT one...
  15. Rayce

    Rayce _

    Thanks! :D

    Most people are, i might go back and reset for one..... Does anything else interest you?
  16. ShaoWeh

    ShaoWeh Member

    i like the shiny ageto celebi :p
  17. Rayce

    Rayce _

    That will cost 2-3~ do you haave anything else?
  18. KnyfeStab

    KnyfeStab PSN: blakk21

    Hey KnyfeStab here. Im a Sales Associate for this shop so I could help anyone who would like to trade here. Aslo look at my tradelist as well.
  19. Kokonina

    Kokonina *loud tuba noise*

    i wold like your Movie 08 Shaymin n,n
    i have to offer an Old Sea Map Mew (Jolly) and its UT n,n
    ¿do you want trade?
  20. Rayce

    Rayce _

    yeah that sounds fair, ill try to catch you hen you are on

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